Artisan at your doorstep –

We are Jaipur based wholesaler and manufacturer of All kind of Kantha products. Amongst Kantha, Vintage Kantha Quilt is our specialty. We provide innovative, well designed products and a unique human experience. While shopping at vintage Kantha Quilts you will not only support the artisan that made the product, but will also connect yourself into a small piece of their life stories through our Blog section. We focus on each artisan’s life experience as it relates to the creation of these beautiful and vibrant coloured Kantha Quilts.

Because of our high contemplate for those that are creating our items, we do not carry anything that is mass produced in a large factory where workers are treated badly. We have combined our historic items manufactured in different state ( West Bengal) with locally sourced, Jaipur  Made items to provide a healthy and flavorful  blend of culturally rich craftsmanship, which represents the best of the artisan whose work is a labour of empowerment, not of Bondage.

“Our kantha throws are Truly Handmade with the highest standards of quality: the cloth is thick & supple and 3 Layered , the hand-stitching is straight & consistent. In addition, the support from us to artisans is truly unmatched.”

It is our goal to create a bond between artisan’s craftsmanship and end consumer and build meaningful experience between both. We aim to enchant our customers by creating and delivering beautiful, high quality vibrant coloured designs at accessible value to all. Our mission is to deliver these high quality quilts and other Kantha products directly to our customers by reducing the middlemen costs.

Since we are starting this online platform for very first time, thus we thought to do something good not just only for artisans who are making such a beautiful blankets and other items for us but for those as well who are looking at us for helping hands.

To bring this thought into action we are starting a charity program with every sale we will made through this platform.  For every single item ordered by you, we donate 1USD . This donation is transferred to serve a meal or for education of poor and hungry child in orphanage we are associated with in India. To know more, Click – Our Charity program.

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