Christmas Stockings

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Kantha Christmas Stockings are perfect to gift and delight your family. Enjoy by popping them at the foot of the bed or fireplace. These stockings are a fun and festive part of the Christmas tradition. Whether they’re hung above the fireplace or a child’s bedpost.

Because these are made from Recycled Cotton Sari, they are unique.They have Kantha embroidery done to give it a unique look. Each pieces is exclusive and different so no two are alike. This is the beauty of every pieces here at vintage kantha quilts we made. These stockings comes in hundreds of patterns like Floral Kantha Stockings and Polka Dot Kantha Stockings.


For decoration and holding lots of presents on the big day-Christmas, shop our fabulous selection of Kantha Christmas stockings and sacks at the unbelievable prices.