Our custom size kantha quilts are designed a bit differently than our kantha spreads, but retain the same look & feel of all of our kantha. Under customized order, you can select pattern, color and request us for a specific size. Not only this, you can also select layering of saris for your customized order. Generally we do 3 layering in our custom made kantha quilts but we can also customized and do four or five layering based on your requirement. The cloth is trimmed into strips, machine or hand sewn into the larger size, then hand-stitched with the additional layers of sari cloth including the final, bottom layer to give it a perfect look.

The stitching is done in the opposite direction from that of the strips with steady, impressive consistency, just like all of our kantha blankets.

If you have decided to go ahead with a custom kantha bedding project, here is what to expect:

First, we will share a dropbox folder with you or sent you few images options that features all of the available fabrics to choose from. You can choose pattern and color on your own or ask us to do on your behalf.

Once selection is done, We will ask for a non-refundable deposit ( As this is truly customized order, we are currently not accepting returns on it). When this is confirmed, we will begin the construction of your own, custom made kantha quilts!

Timing for delivery will depend on quantity ordered and as these are truly hand stitched in West Bengal from our artisans thus it may take time of 20-25 business days to ship. In case of priortisation, contact us and we will try to do as fast as possible.

Sound exciting?! Just what you want? Contact us for pricing & to begin choosing your pattern. You can also email us at : [email protected] and we will respond you within 24 hours.