Geometric Kantha Scarves

There are a various ways to wear these pleasing, bright colored geometric Kantha scarves. Throw it over your shoulders and when you feel like a costume change, flip it over or drape it. Gorgeous beyond words, stunningly beautiful these Geometric Kantha scarves are truly to admire.

Handmade and one-of-a-kind our Kantha scarves have a rich history.Get the best deals on Kantha Scarf while shopping with us. Each piece is unique and one off a kind. These soft cotton fair trade scarves are made in India from recycled Saris. Beautifully finished with Kantha stitching and embroidery is done all over it to give it a fine touch. With the time, these have got so much of popularity in all age groups. Suitable for all places wherever you go and easy to carry as well being lighter in weight.


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Our beautiful range of kantha is made from recycled vintage sari and are reversible with unique in nature. Each piece is different. We offer discounts on our Kantha range just to give you a better shopping experience while shopping with us. Contact Us for more information.

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