An evening with cozy tea

If you enjoy a good steamy cup of tea or if you like to chat when enjoying your tea, you may want to look into either buying or making a tea cozy. Wide enough to cover your teapot, a wonderful tea cozy can keep your tea fresh and hot for up to three hours.

Tea cozies have been in use since the 1660’s when tea was first introduced in Britain. The first chronicle use of a tea cozy does not show up for two hundred years. The harmony is that when the Duchess of Bedford made the afternoon tea a British tradition that along with this new found afternoon activity taken place the tea cozy.

Since the tradition of the afternoon tea became prime time for networking and staying plugged into the news of the day, the possibility of being served a less than steamy cup of tea became a very real prospect. These wonderful teas cozy entered when cold tea was sure to cut even the most animated afternoon tea short. With the divine afternoon tea tradition saved from the horror of warm tea, the tea cozy began snap up in British households throughout the remainder of the 1800’s.

Nearly at same time the Kettle Covers made its first appearance in America and today they are back and more in demand than ever. A tea cozy needs to be large enough to completely cover the teapot and it can be made out of wool, thick cloth or a lighter cotton fabric with and insulated lining. It is also handy to have a ring of some sort at the top of the tea cozy for easy guide.

A tea cozy comes in two basic forms. The first style wraps around your teapot from the bottom leaving only the handle and the hold forth exposed. The second style which is a little easier to use simply sits over the top of the pot and must be lifted off each time the tea is poured. Both styles work well and offer to keep your tea warm while you busy in watching on all of the local news.

With these fabrics Kantha tea cozy came into fashion from last few years and in huge demand. These come with hundreds of patterns and styles. Floral Kantha tea cozy amongst is quite popular. This Kantha fabric has nicely embroidery done over it and it is made from recycled cotton saris.

Why not have a look at our Kantha tea cozy range and decide which one can suit your tea table.

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