Reasons to Buy Kantha Quilts

Kantha quilts have their origin from Southern Asia and these quilts have become one of the most trending home décor ideas of the recent times. A number of Kantha products are being sold like hotcakes and more number of people are buying these products to use them in one way or the other for the purpose of home decoration.

There are a number of reasons that would easily convince you to buy the amazing Kantha quilts and use them in your homes. Below listed are a few of them:

  1. Kantha serves as an amazing sleep space:

Kantha quilts were mainly designed for the purpose of warding off the winter cool that was experienced by the children in the rural areas of India. Thus, this is where the origin of Kantha blankets and Kantha baby quilts took place. Kantha is surely one comfortable fabric which keeps you warm and cozy throughout the cool winters. Moreover, the overall design of Kantha is just so beautiful and elegant.

  1. Kantha bedsheets are a hot fashion:

If you are a person who looks forward to buying bed-sheets which are good looking and elegant, Kantha bedsheets serve as the best choice for you. Let your mattresses embrace the beautiful, vibrant and colorful Kantha bed-sheets and take the entire decoration of your bed room to a next level. Kantha bed-sheets are beautifully designed for sure.

  1. Kantha for your table setting:

The best thing about Kantha is that it could be taken into use in a number of ways. Thus, if you are an individual who loves to design your house with all the vibrant and colorful vibes, Kantha is the pick for you. The amazing Kantha table setting for your dining table is one excellent choice to decorate your dining table and to give it a unique and different look. Arrange your cutlery over the beautifully designed Kantha table setting and it would surely catch all the eyes.

  1. Kantha Cushion Covers:

Kantha cushion covers are surely going to give a new touch to your old boring couch. The amazing patterns of Kantha can easily be woven on to the naked pillows in order to accentuate their beauty and make your décor classy and elegant. You can buy Kantha cushion covers in different designs and sizes from the market. At the same time, you can also take an old Kantha quilt into use to further turn it into amazing cushion covers. The colorful cushion covers of Kantha would surely add a beautiful theme to your house.

The fashion of Kantha is increasing with each passing day and more number of people are buying to decorate their houses following different theme, ideas and concepts. Kantha is surely one of the most versatile fabric which could be used in a number of ways. The colorful appearance of Kantha makes it a great option to use it in a number of ways. Buy these amazing Kantha accessories and begin with the new project of decorating your house with the beautiful Kantha essentials.

Types of Kantha Embroidery

Kantha embroidery is a specific type of embroidery that originated mainly in West Bengal. It is a popular trend to use kantha throws in sarees. The hard work of Bengali women in the past has laid the foundation of popularizing kantha sarees. This has also made them popular in the rest of the world. But, kantha is not just of one type. You will find them in several varieties.

The literal meaning of kantha in Sanskrit is rags. The origin of kantha is often linked to Buddha and his disciples who used the fabrics in the form of garments. Now kantha products have swarmed the market. You will find them in several garment and furniture pieces.

Earlier, it was used for making simple quilts. They were woven by women to keep the family warm during the night. This style of embroidery became exceptionally popular after tourists started visiting Bengal.

In the traditional times, kantha made use of a simple running stitch towards the edges using sarees and soft dhotis. The use of the kantha products depended on the finishing, which was known as either Sujni kantha or Lep kantha.

The embroidery made use of a very unique technique which involved using running stitches to depict beautiful motifs. They ranged from birds, animals, flowers, to mythology and lifestyle. Apart from Geometrical shapes, themes of everyday lives and activities were also included in the kantha embroidery


As discussed earlier, kantha embroidery can be of several varieties. We are going to discuss some of the traditional ways of doing running stitch.

  • Lep Kantha: This style involves the creating rectangular warps that are heavily padded in order to produce warm coverlets. The whole piece is stitched in a way ripped designs. Later, simple embroidery is executed over it.
  • Sujani Kantha: This type makes use of rectangular cloth pieces that can be used in the form of spreads or blankets. They are mainly used for occasions.
  • Baiton Kantha: This style makes use of square warps that are used for covering books and similar valuable materials. They are usually patterned elaborately with several colour designs and borders.
  • Oar Kantha: This is a kind of rectangular covers having very simple designs. They are simple, but have gorgeous decorative border around the edges.
  • Archilata Kantha: This type involves small rectangular covers used for holding toilet accessories or covering mirrors. They often display colourful borders with assorted motifs.
  • Durjani Kantha: This type has small rectangles with embroidered borders and a central louts design. These rectangles are usually folded inwards for using them in the form of wallets.

Contemporary kantha has been spread to a wide range of garments. These kantha products include dupattas, sarees, pillow covers, bed sheets, shirts for women and men. Most of the work is done using silk and cotton. Kantha makes use of the simplest style of embroidery, yet has the ability to create something marvellous. Kantha embroidery is absolutely stunning, which makes it popular not only in India, but also worldwide.  


Kantha blankets and throws ideas

Talk about the house décor and the mention of Kantha is mandatory. Kantha and Kantha designs are ruling the house décor ideas in the present time. These designs could be seen everywhere around you – from the bedroom to the drawing rooms to the guest room, dining room and even gardens. More number of people today are experimenting with a variety of designs that Kantha is serving them today.

Out of all the Kantha products, Kantha blankets and Kantha quilts make the most common choice of a majority of people. Kantha blankets, full of vibrant colours, patterns and designs are being used for the purpose of house decoration. These colourful blankets go well with the bed-sheets of almost all the colours, thereby adding an exclusive statement to your odd, old and boring room setting. Similarly, Kantha baby quilts, too, are creating a huge statement for themselves. These baby quilts come in a number of colours, designs and patterns which is not only good in terms of the appearance but in its overall quality as well. The soft cotton material and the colourful designs of these quilts are taking over all the cartoon blankets that the children would earlier want to sleep in.

Another Kantha product creating a lot of buzz is the Kantha throws. A beautiful and a colourful Kantha throw can be adjusted just anywhere into your house – bedroom, drawing room or the living room to add more colours and statement to your otherwise dull setting.

All these Kantha products are setting an example of more quirky and vibrant house décor ideas and more number of people today are experimenting with these patterns. Here are a few Kantha quilt and throws ideas that could inspire you for an ultimate house decoration:

  • Vintage Kantha quilts and throws:


Kantha, as it is, is considered to be a vibrant and colourful style and leaving it raw in its most vintage form can create a statement for itself. All you are required to do is to pick any vintage Kantha saree and customize the same into a beautiful Kantha quilts or a blanket or a throw. You can use the resulting product in your bedroom.

  • Reversible Kantha blankets and quilts:


For this particular idea, you are required to pick two different Kantha sarees and to weave them into a blanket to give it a reversible look. You can contrast colours with this particular idea. Pick the saree in two different shades and let it create a beautiful reversible design for your blanket.

  • Dyed Kantha:


For this purpose, you can pick your old and dull Kantha saree and make it all the more colourful by dyeing it in different shades. Indigo dyeing is considered to be complementing the Kantha designs very well. Furthermore, you can also opt for the process of tying and dying. The results would be as astonishing as the process.

Choose from these three different Kantha ideas for your blankets, Kantha quilts or throws and your little space would speak for itself.


Our Kantha Quilts Are Just So Awesome

Kantha quilts are something that has become the hottest trend whenever it comes to house décor and beautiful indoor settings. The amazing design, patterns, small details as well as vibrant colours of the Kantha quilts surely create one amazing style statement which adds to the beauty of any indoor setting.

Kantha basically refers to the old type of stitch that was prevalent in the craft of some beautiful embroideries. The beautiful Kantha stitch gives all the saree quilts a beautiful wavy and textured quality which is often known to be a ‘running stitch’. Several sarees and Kantha fabrics are layered with each other and are eventually stitched into one, which creates a classic, beautiful and a vintage style. These stitches aren’t just the random stitches that are carved and weaved by the artists, but they exhibit various distinctive rhythms which form a part of the ‘visual signature’ of the concerned artist. The Kantha quilts come in amazing sizes, shapes, colours as well as designs of the patches of clothes.

The craft of Kantha has always been very unique and classic to the quality. This stitch has always exhibited a rich blend of various details and motifs which are anchored in one huge symbolism. These particular motifs are full of their own stories and mostly showcase the self-expression as well as aspirations of the artisans who weave them with all their hearts. The common designs in these Kantha quilts and Kantha bedsheets include trees, plants, sun, moon and various others.

The fashion of Kantha has taken the entire world by storm and this design is in buzz almost everywhere today ranging from magazines, templates, famous websites and house decorators. The craze of Kantha isn’t just restricted to the small Indian place where it was incepted, on the contrary Kantha has popularized itself on a global level. Consequently, a number of Kantha products are seen to be sold in the world market just like hotcakes. Kantha bedsheets, Kantha quilts, Kantha sarees, Kantha bags, Kantha table-covers, etc. have become the centre of attraction and more number of people are buying them in great quantities to decorate their properties.

These beautiful Kantha quilts and bed-sheets are adding an extra glam to any basic space, thereby adding more colours and patterns to it. The beautiful vintage Kantha quilts are being sold in different colours and patterns such as floral, polka dots, birds, paisley, etc.

Our Kantha quilts are amazingly hand-stitched using the recycled saree cloth all the way from India. These Kantha quilts could be used in a number of ways for all kinds of decorative purposes ranging from a wall-hanging to beautiful cushion covers, curtains, photo frames, bedsheets, Kantha kid blankets, wraps, table clothes, table mats and various others. You are merely required to tune in to your creative side and you can use the beautiful Kantha quilts in more beautiful ways.

Kantha quilts always make an amazing choice as far as decoration of your home in different and unique styles is concerned.


An Ultimate Guide To Vintage Kantha Quilts

Kantha (KAHN-taa) quilts are showing up everywhere in designer homes.

Perfect in their Imperfections, vintage Kantha quilts are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile. Craft women in Bangladesh and eastern states of India make these beautiful, delicate, patchwork quilts. The women stitch together the Kantha quilts using old saris and scraps of cloth and turn them into bright, colourful works of art.

They are part of the Ibu movement, pronounced ee-boo. The Ibu movement is promoting women around the globe grow into economic self-sufficiency through the art of their hands. In the Malay language of Indonesia, Ibu means a woman of respect.

The best aspect about such a vintage quilt are the little repair patches, their loose and uneven threads that add immense character to the quilt.

Entirely hand-stitched, these quilts are such a beautiful and delightful break from the mass produced machine made products of the day. They present a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour, completely transforming and glowing up any living space with their fantastic details and vigorous colours.

Quilts by are imported directly from the villages of Rajasthan. These villages border Pakistan and a number of our pieces are between 30-70 years, landing in India on camel-back from over the border in Pakistan. Some parts come from West Bengal on the east coast.

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 Kantha Patchwork Throws

Vintage Kantha patchwork quilts or throws are a bizarre kind of patchwork throw that originate in North Western India in the desert region between India and Pakistan. These throws represent the beautiful artistry of this region of creating stunning throws and quilts from scrap materials.

These vintage patchwork quilts were initially made in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s by older women in the village families in India to mark specific events – be it childbirth, a marriage in the family or a husband walking to faraway lands.

Women used the softest and most attractive parts of their old saris and other garments, cut them into arbitrary shapes and placed them in a way to create an exquisite masterpiece.

They used mostly saris but seldom other fabrics like material from blouses, men’s lungis to build several layers and the converse of the throws. Then they hand stitched all the layers collectively using thousands of tiny Kantha stitches. The Kantha stitches provided the throw with a beautiful ripple effect, creating a warm and unique cover for the family.

A typical patchwork throw took months to make, becoming an indeed prized possession of the family and being passed down as an heirloom.

These patchwork throws could age anywhere between 30  to 80 years. One can see their age in the softness of the fabric and the washed out colours. Some throws we obtain are literally disintegrating in places! Some damaged portions are repaired with interesting patches which add further to the character and uniqueness of the throws.

Though these throws were created decades ago, they look and feel as chic and stylish as any modern throw. Their vibrant colours are what truly grabs the eye.

The once bright colours might have faded over time, but they although retain the ability to add brightness and character to any living space they are kept in – be it over the edge of the bed, on a lazy sofa or even up on the wall in a home. They will continue you a lifetime and be something you would want to reach on to your next generation!

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Indian bedspreads

We have a selection of single, double and queen-size decorative Indian bedspreads to embellish your home or hotel boudoir. Our exclusive collection of fair-trade, vintage and contemporary Indian bedspreads that reflect the richness of Indian textiles will transform your interior into a majestic palace.

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Indian quilts

Sleep in style with beautiful vintage Indian quilts. At, we source all our ethical Indian quilts from the finest suppliers. Bringing a touch of charm to tailor design any space, we have a wide-range of colours to suit different schemes.

These timeless exotic Indian quilts can be used as bedcovers or throws as a feature for an abundance of glamour and vintage romance.

Pretty patchwork and printed pure cottons look gorgeous against antique wood or soft fabrics to refresh and revamp the vibe of master and guest bedrooms alike. Indian quilts are made from fabric with intricate or floral patterns, pieced together and then stitched all over with running hand stitch to make the most exquisite bedding, owing to their softness and comfort.

Indian quilts are perfect for dressing up bohemian chic bedrooms with neutral paint schemes for their high visual appeal and home design.

Handmade baby blankets

For the softest of care for your precious ones, we offer an intricate line of lovingly handmade baby blankets. Ideal for comforting your new-born, as a gift for a Christening or special occasion and designing children’s bedrooms, our unique handmade baby blankets can be kept as a family heirloom for years to come.

Bring extra cosiness to baby’s cots or beds for tots, with bright colours and lively patterns to stimulate your princess or prince as they explore, develop and learn about the world around them, or neutral pastel tones to soothe little ones to sleep. The fabrics are of the softest quality to gently wrap around tender skin.

Crafted using specialist methods, our materials are all fair-trade and their adorable and easy style brings peace to your nursery, girl’s room or boy’s room environment. beautiful handmade baby blankets can also be conveniently taken for travel outings or long trips, for a striking and embellished accessorised look to any stroller or carrycot.

These one of a kind blankets are perfect for endless possibilities of impressive nursery themes and practical travel solutions for parents.

Handmade cushions

Be inspired to adorn your home living with our assortment of sophisticated handmade cushions. Add a hint of colour to your home with lavish, hand-stitched vintage kantha pieces. offers a wide choice of handmade cushions including kilim, applique, brocade, cotton, sari and patchwork style all finished to the highest standard. While it may seem simple, colour coordination offers a range of possibilities for exciting improvements to complement almost any kind of home design, in the bedroom, office or reception areas, lounge, dining room or conservatory.

The upbeat colours and exquisite hand woven patterns bring flow and energy to tired beige sofas and a striking contrast to warmify bold coloured upholstery. Individuality in rooms can be as dramatic or subtle as you like with our handmade cushions, in fact choosing a coordinating palette of colours for your home canvas will help rooms flow together visually and feel more inviting.

Help balance monochromatic themes with a colourful twist on tradition, setting the mood of your home for an appealing aesthetic. Contrast of colours not only creates a feeling of elegance and luxury but can impact enormously on the perception of the size of rooms.

The sky is the limit with our handmade cushion couture collection so enjoy your playful pairing and personalised decor makeover.

Why Are People so fond of Vintage Kantha Quilts?

Why Are People so fond of Vintage Kantha Quilts?

Kantha quilts arise from Southern Asia and are manufactured from old saris, layered on top of each other and stitched together. They have beautiful and vibrant colours, byzantine patterns and an abundance of embroidered running stitches. Finding yourself in fond of Kantha blankets is obvious. If you’ve endured collecting a few quilts over the years, praises on your wise investment. Here are five places to incorporate them into your decor and helps you to get an idea about Why Are People so fond of Vintage Kantha Quilts? The tips here can work for other kinds of quilts as well.

1. This energetic and fascinating sleep space.

By far my personal choice to do with Kantha blankets is to layer them on top of one other as bedding, as their lightweight quality makes them perfect for the job. Just like layering your outfits, this procedure adds solid warmth, but also an informal style that looks like you haven’t tried too hard.

Let’s take an example of this bedroom; the fusion of bright embroidery attracts the focus to the room, the nap space, but also the cherished light coming from the window.

2. This understated and elegant sleep area.

Most Kantha quilts are double-sided, so they’re excellent for including an on-the-spot mixing and matching of designs to add excitement to a dull bedroom scheme. To design this look, use a crisp white bedcover and layer your Kantha quilts over the head (turn down the top of your blankets for a peek at the pattern below). Make sure you stagger them so that one throw rests higher than the other —this way both blankets are on display. Find accessories like magazines, plates or cushions that echo some of the colours in the quilt to tie the look collectively; in this case, there are red and blue accessories.

3. These winter warmers.

Seeing for a lap throw or something to take the turn off the cold when dining outdoors? Lightweight and well sized, Kantha throws are perfect for popping on your lap. Wrapped over the back of chairs, they can be accessed with comfort.

4. These cushions.

When purchasing for Kantha blankets, it is seldom difficult to decide which one or two that you should purchase. Keep in mind that they can be reformed into pillows, which means you can take benefit of all the shades and designs available.

5. This wall hanging.

Each Kantha blanket is like a unique piece of art and is worthy of to be treated as such. Drape your Kanthas on the wall, and all will fall for them.

And Hey knock knock! One bonus point of using your Kantha throw as wall hanging is that you can turn it over to show the embroidery on the reverse side whenever you’re willing to change.

Tip: To drape your Kantha throw, wrap over the upper end nearly an inch and sew it into place (either by hand or sewing machine). This will form a way where you can insert a curtain stick or something alike. You can also attach string or decoration ribbon to this stick to hang it on the wall or place the rod between two hooks or braces on the wall.

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