How to Care for your Kantha

Kantha Care

Nourish by the augmentation of the running ‘kantha’ stitch, kantha quilts are generally easy to care for. They are made from cotton sari layers and are easy machine-washable.

Follow are the guidelines of Kantha Care with machine washing:

  • Use a mild detergent (eco-friendly, cruelty-free )

  • Cycle: delicate/hand wash, normal or set it to blanket wash

  • Temperature: cold to 30°C (max.)

  • Note: Wash Indigo Separately as there are chances for color bleed

    If you happen upon a kantha with particularly delicate stitching or very old weak fabric, it’s recommended to hand wash, to avoid the delicate fabric tearing or threads being pulled. If unsure, always hand wash.

    We recommend you to use ecofriendly and cruelty free fabric. It will help Kantha fabric to retain its charm and also help to keep it as it is. Else there are chances for thread to come out.

    Our handpicked range of vintage kantha quilts and blankets will help in sustaining small artisans in India; contributing to helping people, animals and the environment through re-using recycled instead of purchasing new animal-derived products.

    Also for each Kantha product which you purchase from us, a small portion of it is going to charity which helps in their education and livelihood.

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