Styles of Kantha Bags

Travelling is like a gateway from the daily hustles and bustles of your monotonous life. But, even when it seems to be quite intriguing, traveling has its own perks. You got to be in the upfront while arranging for the essentials that you will need while you be away. And that starts with your handbags that come as a saviour for any travel plans. 

Not only you can carry water bottles, medicines or any other things in your handbags but also they are handy for going on a journey. Usually, people prefer having a rucksack or leather bags. But, following the recent trends, we can surely say that a shift has been detected in the style and material of the travel bags. 

And this fortunate shift was due to the introduction of Kantha fabrics in the manufacturing of some wonderful travel bags. Kantha has a long history with its roots embedded deep down the early 60s and 70s of the 20th century. In the beginning, stitching the Kantha fabrics was a necessity since people living in the villages couldn’t afford to buy warm clothes and blankets. 

As the Kantha fabrics are usually made with clothes liked up together, they used to be quite warm for the winters. But, now, gone are the days when the Kantha are stitched out of necessities. Yes, now, the fabric is used to manufacture accessories like bags and that too travel bags. 

So, if you are planning to buy a travel bag for your upcoming journey, here are some of the best Kantha travel bags that you can buy. 

Travel Kantha sling bags 

Sling bags are quite handy as they have lots of spaces and also are easy to carry. Just sling the handle over your shoulder and all will be done. For convenience, you can also use these bags as crossbody sling bags. 

Coming to the designs, generally, the Kantha fabrics are printed with multicolour and the stitches are done all through the fabric piece. This imparts a wrinkled effect and hence, makes the look entirely different. 

Kantha duffle bags 

Duffle bags are very handy, thanks to the ample number of compartments where you can arrange your essentials in a sorted manner. These duffle bags usually have block printed small Kantha fabrics stitched together. 

You can also look for embroidered fabrics with motifs of animals, birds, flowers and other stitched in a running manner. 

Kantha embroidered botua bags

Botua bags are women’s favorite, thanks to their small size and impeccable design. There is a string passing through the neck of the bag. For closing, you need to stretch the string from both the ends and the neck region will crinkle, thus closing the bag. After this, a knot has to be tied to secure the neck. This is also known as bottleneck bags.

Kantha backpack 

Even though this bag is very rare, the backpacks are the best traveling essential in a case when you are not carrying anything else. They have front pockets for keeping smaller essentials with two to three large compartments. 

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