Kantha Quilts and Kantha Cushion Covers Home Organizing hacks

Kantha home organizing

Interested to know Kantha home organizing ideas? Here we have bring for you some hacks to organise: Organizing and decorating a house has never been an easy task. However, the process could become easy sometimes if you sample out the right things to be used for decoration. The house décor items such as blankets, quilts, […]

Our Kantha Quilts Are Just So Awesome

Kantha quilts are something that has become the hottest trend whenever it comes to house décor and beautiful indoor settings. The amazing design, patterns, small details as well as vibrant colours of the Kantha quilts surely create one amazing style statement which adds to the beauty of any indoor setting. Kantha basically refers to the […]

Different ways to use your vintage Kantha Bedsheets or Quilts

Paisley Boho Patchwork Kantha Blanket

Kantha quilts and kantha bedsheets are very much in fashion today. The art of Kantha pictures the most beautiful and colourful designs which surely add an extra beautiful appearance to your room, thereby making it all the more stylish, funky and of course quirky. This ancient form of art prevails in India, particularly in Bengal. […]