Different ways to use your vintage Kantha Bedsheets or Quilts

Paisley Boho Patchwork Kantha Blanket

Kantha quilts and kantha bedsheets are very much in fashion today. The art of Kantha pictures the most beautiful and colourful designs which surely add an extra beautiful appearance to your room, thereby making it all the more stylish, funky and of course quirky. This ancient form of art prevails in India, particularly in Bengal. However, over the time, the art of Kantha has given itself a fine recognition on a global level, as a result of which the craze and fashion Kantha is increasing by each passing day.

The Kantha products mainly include the home-decors such as Kantha blankets as well as Kantha bedsheets. However, you can still wake up the creative side in you to give these existing Kantha products a twist to recreate your own Kantha art and style. Here are a few ways using which you can use your vintage Kantha bedsheets as well as quilts in different manners:

Wall hanging:

Wall hangings are very much in fashion today. Thus, why not take out your old Kantha quilt from the store and to give it an amazing makeover by the way of using it as a wall hanging? Each Kantha quilt is equally exclusive in its nature and hence you must display the piece of art that it carries with itself. Use a Kantha quilt as a wall-hanging into your drawing room or living room and give a new touch to your wall.

Table Cover:

Whether it is a basic Kantha quilt or the Kantha blankets, you can use them as a table cover or a table mat. A colourful Kantha quilt serves as the best pick to be used as a table cover. The table covers of this piece of art bring along the rich pattern, colour as well as warmth to your dining space, thereby making it look all the more vibrant. You can also cut the bedsheets into small pieces to further use them as the table mats for the side tables. Add your favourite lace to give it an extra glam.

Pillow cover:

If you are a big fan of Do It Yourself, then here is a mission for you. Pick out the best Kantha quilts and blankets and prepare your own pillowcases and Kantha cushion covers. Take your love for pillows as well as DIY art to another level by creating the cushion covers in everything Kantha. Use different colours and patterns. Cut different Kantha bedsheets and assemble them into one to create a statement pillow cover and decorate these cushions on the solid bedsheets to make a big statement.


If you have a huge penchant for bags, then it’s the time to create your bags from the Kantha quilts and bed-sheets. Bring different patches of Kantha together and stitch your own Kantha bag is any style you want. The vibrant colors, amazing patterns as well as beautiful motifs are surely going to turn them into a big fashion.

Wake up your creative side right now and use your own Kantha Quilts and bed-sheets in these amazing patterns.


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