What are Kantha Baby Quilts And Should I Buy For My Baby?

Babies are the bundle of softness and that is why they need the softest accessories to match their soft fingers and their supple skin. Being concerned is expected of you as you are the mother and you will always want the best for your newborn. So, if you hesitate to choose any quilt, pillow or even the baby clothes, then nobody would be surprised. In fact, giving in to the motherly instincts is what can be expected from a loving mother. This is the reason why the artisans of India came up with the age-old baby care bedding- the Kantha baby quilts. As a matter of fact, if you have heard the stories from your granny, then you will know they too used to make the Kantha covers for keeping their babies warm and smiling. It might sound a bit too far-fetched to choose something like this when you will have the best quilts from famous brands, the Kantha baby quilts are something else. You will instantly feel connected to your roots; you will feel that maternal feelings come forth the moment you will lay your hands on the soft fabric of the Kantha quilts. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to visit the villages to have this fabric. Nowadays, even the famous online and offline baby shops stock these Kantha baby quilts as the demand for this particular baby accessories is gradually increasing. Let’s have a look into more about the Kantha embroidery, the pride of India!

What are Kantha baby quilts?

Kantha baby quilts are made in the same way as the Kantha sarees and other clothes. This is a traditional way of stitching old sarees made of cotton together, in form of a stack. The thin fabrics are placed one above the other and then they are stitched together. The entire embroidery creates something unique and something soft, just like your baby. As made from pure cotton sarees, the Kantha baby quilts are soft and fluffy, best for covering your kid with them. The benefit of this is that it won’t cut off the air circulation and will also act as a semi-permeable barrier for your child.

Should you buy the Kantha quilts for your baby?

This is the first question that a mother would ask, not the woman who loves traditional clothes. So, for all the mothers, it can be said that Kantha baby quilts are safe for your newborn. In fact, these quilts have an artistic essence in them, with colourful looks and different designs. It is believed that a kid’s room should be filled with bright colours and light. So, what can be best than the colourful Kantha quilts made by the expert artisans of India? These quilts will not cause any rash on your baby’s soft skin and will not restrict their movements. They are the epitome of comfort and so you can cover your babies with them without worrying about their well-being. For the summers, these thin Kantha baby quilts are best. 

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