Kantha Cushion Covers

India is actually known as the land of the Aryans, the early ancestors who brought the Hindu religion to the country. Their era is known as the Vedic age and it is beloved that India reached its zenith during their era in both religion and culture. The fact that the Aryans strongly believed in natural forces of life can be seen still now in their cultures, those that are still not lost in the pages of the Indian history.

In fact, the Vedic culture is still alive amidst the Indian culture in the form of embroideries, education and even artworks. Amongst embroidery, the Kantha embroidery style dates back to the Vedic age, the era of the powerful race of the Aryans.

Though the roots of this embroidery style date back to such an old period, the modern generation has still kept the essence alive in the form of kantha scarves, kantha sarees, skirts and even kantha cushion covers.

Kantha embroidery: ancient Indian style

As said Kantha embroidery dates back to the early Aryans, this type of artwork included the painting of symbols on cloth piece that was made by stitching a layer of rags. Still now, the same style of stitching is prominent in the Indian villages where women wear the Kantha sarees with beautiful artworks on them. Most of the embroidery designs that were made on the Kantha clothes represented the beliefs of the Aryans, their religion, their languages and even their messages to their future generations.

Its a wonder that this ethereal Indian embroidery is still famous in the lands of West Bengal, Bihar and other North Eastern states. As a matter of fact, this particular Indian embroidery has become famous throughout the world and has received a global recognition.

Kantha embroidery in your home

Bring the essence of your ancestors and revel in the primal feeling of the Indian history with the Kantha embroidery works. Different types of home decor items are now made in the form of Kantha clothes, by placing layers of thin cotton or silk over one another and stitching them together. The most amazing part is the fluffiness that comes with the thin stacks of clothes.

Kantha cushion covers are the newest addition to the Kantha embroidery items and undoubtedly, this particular home decor item will add a vintage look to your living room. If you are a fan of artistic works and have many antique designs in your living room, then these new Kantha cushion covers will definitely heighten the brilliance of your taste.

Kantha cushion covers

The cushion covers are made either of a single colour or of multi-colours, combined in a way where they are in stark contrast to your personality. Made mostly in bright shades of pink, green, yellow and even red, the cushion covers are one of the best embellishments of the Kantha embroidery. Even multiple designs are nowadays drawn as borders on the pillow covers, making the cover a combination of different embroidery works but highlighting the Kantha style mainly.

The fine art is the main thing of this ancient Indian work, which appeals to the global audience and makes Kantha works popular amidst the people.


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