How to swaddle your baby in a Kantha quilt?

Newborns can become quite fussy over small things like not being comfortable in their cots or when they are hungry buy doesn’t want to drink milk. And for a mother, it can be quite a hectic job to pacify them and make them feel cozy and warm. For this, the age-old technique of swaddling is very handy.

Swaddling means wrapping the baby in a quilt or blanket and then swinging them in a to and fro motion in your embrace. How, for swaddling, quilts are very important because they are thinner which will allow the baby to move and also they are warmer than a normal sheet.

Now, for the quilts, the Kantha quilts are extremely beneficial because:

  • They are quite soft as they are made from bunched up softer fabrics and stitched together.
  • They are warmer than normal quilts.
  • They are easily washable and manageable.

Now, once it is established that the Kantha quilts are perfect for times when you wish to swaddle your baby, it’s time to learn how exactly to do it.

Choosing the proper Kantha quilt for swaddling

  1. First, the quilt should be of 100cm x 100cm dimension in order to allow the baby to move a little bit.
  2. Not all Kantha quilts are thin. Some might be thick enough to prevent your baby from breathing freely. So, make sure that you are buying a thin quilt with premium softness grade.
  3. Always buy light colored Kantha quilts because that will allow your baby to feel cooler while being wrapped with the quilt.

Wrapping the baby in four folds of the Kantha quilt

The next task is to properly give the folds that will allow you to safely swaddle your baby without the fear of slipping. So, here is a brief description of the ways in which you have to fold the blanket.

  1. Place the quilt in a kite position with the vertex pointing upwards.
  2. Fold the top vertex and place the folded part on the quilt and not underneath.
  3. Place your baby, with his neck region on the edge of the fold.
  4. Straighten the left arm of your baby by his side and carefully wrap the left corner around the arm.
  5. The same thing has to be done with the right side so that after folding the two side vertices meet each other at the center.
  6. Make sure you are placing your baby in a straight alignment. It’s better not to wrap the quilt with their hands bent because most of the times, they have a tendency to wiggle around.
  7. The right side of the quilt should cover the entire body and it has to be tucked under the left side.
  8. As far the bottom part is considered, twist it slightly and then tuck it under the baby’s feet.

Considering the safety precautions

  • Make sure you are not wrapping up the quilt too tightly around your baby. This might cause then to fuse because of overheating.
  • When you are tucking the edges, make sure you are securing the vertices.

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