How to decorate your home using Kantha curtains?

Every house has a similar structure that can be judged based on the degree of equivalence, if not equality. And when the structures are more or less equivalent to each other, we can expect some of the features to be the same as the balconies, doors, and the windows,

You know it is one of the biggest jobs to find a suitable cover for the windows, especially if you have a combination of multifarious window shapes and designs. For example, the style of curtain that you will use for your wall windows won’t be the same for small box windows with parapets attached to the edges. 

This is why you need variations in- curtain style, curtain designs, curtain embroideries, and so on. And such a vast amount of variation can be seen in none other than the Kantha fabrics. 

Originated from the small villages of Eastern India, Kantha has been a prominent part of Indian history. Even though it’s use was lost in the historical pages, in recent years, the use has bloomed once again, flourishing as one of the most unique embroideries in the entire country. 

In fact, the style of Kantha stitches too is quite variant and cannot be compared with anything else. Starting with designs of birds and flowers to abstract art and even diagonal running stitches, multiple forms are established which makes it more suitable as curtains. 

But the main problem is how to use the Kantha curtains for your home decoration. After all, the concept itself is quite new and you can hardly get some really helpful ideas from your peers. So, let’s see some of the most common ways in which you can deck up your interiors with just a piece of old age Indian embroidered fabrics. 

For monotone look, choose Kantha curtains with similar color shades in bold patterns 

This pattern is more or less similar to the vintage looks and thanks to the artistry skills, you can now make your curtains the main center of attraction even amidst the dullness. You can choose Kantha fabrics having similar shades of color like grey and black will go together, cream and beige is a pair and so on. Bold and large patterns will do the exact work. 

Colorful looks can be gained from vibrant printed Kantha fabrics 

If you are looking for some vibrant look in your home, you can choose Kantha curtains with monochrome base and embroidered works done with multicolor threads. Usually, running stitches are used to do the embroidery works and so, you can get both scattered and discrete designs on the fabric. 

Block pattern Kantha fabrics will look good for contemporary Indian décor 

Curtains made from Kantha fabric blocks sewed together to form a big piece is suitable for homes whose interiors focus more on contemporary ideas. Yes, the curtains will become more attractive for the eyes but make sure you are not covering large and wide windows with this particular curtain design.

With light cream walls, floral prints and embroideries are more suitable 

If your walls have light colors like cream, beige, or lavender, you can go with the Kantha fabrics having diagonal stitches and floral prints on them. Even embroideries will also look fine, floral prints will become louder and more prominent. 

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