Most inspiring Kantha quilting trends of 2018

Kantha quilting trends

The recently introduced Kantha products have taken the entire décor world by storm, as a result of which Kantha has become the hottest trend in the markets today. The Kantha quilts are very exotic and are mostly considered to be one of a kind. A basic Kantha quilt is more than enough to give your room a vibe of colours and beautiful decoration. Needless to say, Kantha is seen everywhere in one form or the other.

This art belongs to the land of Bengal where it had been in practice for a long time. The blankets of Kantha are made using the recycling worn saris which were originally intended to keep a person warm during all the colder months. A traditional Kantha style follows five layers of used sarees as stitched together using a single running stitch which further rolls it into a quilted blanket. Since Kantha baby quilts and Kantha blankets have gained a widespread popularity, here are the most inspiring kantha quilting trends of 2018.

  • Blue is the new cool:

Quilting your Kantha into everything blue has become the hottest trend of the year. Blue and various shades of blue are considered to be providing your Kantha blankets with a new look. You can easily create it by quilting all shades of blue Kantha into one massive blanket. The different shades of blue, when stitched into one, are surely going to create a good statement for your room and house décor.

  • Kantha Patchwork:

Another quilting trend that has been making rounds all over the fashion and décor world is the patchwork. Patchwork and quilting have always complemented each other as both of them blend very well so as to give you room an exquisite appearance. Thus, you can try it using Kantha sheets as well. Cut all your old Kantha bedsheets into various patches and quilt them into a Kantha blanket and here you go – the Kantha patchwork blanket is all prepared.

  • Mix and match:

Who says you cannot match two diverse designs together to make yourself something really unique and astonishing? Pick your old Kantha bedsheet and take any other fabric design or pattern including plain cotton, batik, brocade, floral print or any other design and blend all of these together into a beautiful mix and match quilt which is surely going to be the centre of all the attention.

  • Classic is never out of fashion:

If nothing works for you, a simple Kantha quilt will always give you a nice escape so that you don’t have to worry about quilting ideas and keep the Kantha work as raw and traditional as it could be. Do not experiment, pick your old Kantha saree or bed-sheet and get it quilted into a Kantha blanket and you are all done serving the purpose.

Almost all the Kantha products are gaining a huge popularity everywhere. From Kantha cushion covers to bags to quilts – Kantha is everywhere. Look into these trending kantha quilting trends and decorate your house like never before.


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