Our Kantha Quilts Are Just So Awesome

Kantha quilts are something that has become the hottest trend whenever it comes to house décor and beautiful indoor settings. The amazing design, patterns, small details as well as vibrant colours of the Kantha quilts surely create one amazing style statement which adds to the beauty of any indoor setting.

Kantha basically refers to the old type of stitch that was prevalent in the craft of some beautiful embroideries. The beautiful Kantha stitch gives all the saree quilts a beautiful wavy and textured quality which is often known to be a ‘running stitch’. Several sarees and Kantha fabrics are layered with each other and are eventually stitched into one, which creates a classic, beautiful and a vintage style. These stitches aren’t just the random stitches that are carved and weaved by the artists, but they exhibit various distinctive rhythms which form a part of the ‘visual signature’ of the concerned artist. The Kantha quilts come in amazing sizes, shapes, colours as well as designs of the patches of clothes.

The craft of Kantha has always been very unique and classic to the quality. This stitch has always exhibited a rich blend of various details and motifs which are anchored in one huge symbolism. These particular motifs are full of their own stories and mostly showcase the self-expression as well as aspirations of the artisans who weave them with all their hearts. The common designs in these Kantha quilts and Kantha bedsheets include trees, plants, sun, moon and various others.

The fashion of Kantha has taken the entire world by storm and this design is in buzz almost everywhere today ranging from magazines, templates, famous websites and house decorators. The craze of Kantha isn’t just restricted to the small Indian place where it was incepted, on the contrary Kantha has popularized itself on a global level. Consequently, a number of Kantha products are seen to be sold in the world market just like hotcakes. Kantha bedsheets, Kantha quilts, Kantha sarees, Kantha bags, Kantha table-covers, etc. have become the centre of attraction and more number of people are buying them in great quantities to decorate their properties.

These beautiful Kantha quilts and bed-sheets are adding an extra glam to any basic space, thereby adding more colours and patterns to it. The beautiful vintage Kantha quilts are being sold in different colours and patterns such as floral, polka dots, birds, paisley, etc.

Our Kantha quilts are amazingly hand-stitched using the recycled saree cloth all the way from India. These Kantha quilts could be used in a number of ways for all kinds of decorative purposes ranging from a wall-hanging to beautiful cushion covers, curtains, photo frames, bedsheets, Kantha kid blankets, wraps, table clothes, table mats and various others. You are merely required to tune in to your creative side and you can use the beautiful Kantha quilts in more beautiful ways.

Kantha quilts always make an amazing choice as far as decoration of your home in different and unique styles is concerned.


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