Kantha Quilts and Kantha Cushion Covers Home Organizing hacks

Kantha home organizing

Interested to know Kantha home organizing ideas? Here we have bring for you some hacks to organise:

Organizing and decorating a house has never been an easy task. However, the process could become easy sometimes if you sample out the right things to be used for decoration. The house décor items such as blankets, quilts, bed covers, cushion covers, etc. play a very vital role in making any of your house space look rich, classy and sophisticated. Kantha products have become the flavor of season these days. From magazines to websites to experts – everything is touting Kantha to be the latest trend in house décor.

You can therefore include everything Kantha into your house-decorating process to make it look all the more beautiful. Kantha cushion covers and Kantha quilts could be customized in a number of ways using which you can decorate your house like never before. Following are the 6 organizing hacks using Kantha cushion covers and quilts that are marked and suggested by the experts themselves. Below are some Kantha home organizing tips:

  1. Kantha bed-covers:

You can use your old Kantha quilts to give them a makeover into a bed-covers. Bed covers are very much in fashion these days and turning your Kantha quilt into a bed cover isn’t a bad idea at all. Use these bed covers in your bedrooms and living room and you are all set to create a new look.

  1. Kantha curtains:

Kantha quilts can also be customized and used into Kantha curtains. For this particular purpose, you can also take an old Kantha saree into use. Decorate these Kantha curtains using various laces and frills.

  1. Kantha cushion covers:

Kantha cushion covers have become the hottest Kantha trend. Ditch your old cushion covers and add a harmonious look into your drawing room by inculcating the beautiful Kantha cushion covers into the same. The beautiful prints of the Kantha cushion covers is surely going to add flavors into the boring sofa.

  1. Kantha frame:

Your old Kantha quilt or bed-sheet can also be recreated into a beautiful looking Kantha frame. You are merely required to pick your favorite Kantha print and further get it framed into a beautiful Kantha frame. Decorate it into your drawing room.

  1. Kantha table cover:

Just like the bed covers, Kantha quilt could also be taken into use as a Kantha table cover. Table covers always add an extra flavor of beauty as to your boring table. Thus, what’s better than adding some beautiful and colorful prints of Kantha into the same? The results would be more than vibrant.

  1. Kantha mats:

You can also cut your Kantha quilt into small sized mats to further use it as to the decoration of your side tables or side stools. Thus, it is the time you forget your boring table mats and add a hint of Kantha into the same.

These Kantha hacks are not so extravagant. You are merely required to take out your old Kantha quilt and give it a new touch to redecorate and renovate your house space into something extraordinarily beautiful.

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