Kantha blankets and throws ideas

Talk about the house décor and the mention of Kantha is mandatory. Kantha and Kantha designs are ruling the house décor ideas in the present time. These designs could be seen everywhere around you – from the bedroom to the drawing rooms to the guest room, dining room and even gardens. More number of people today are experimenting with a variety of designs that Kantha is serving them today.

Out of all the Kantha products, Kantha blankets and Kantha quilts make the most common choice of a majority of people. Kantha blankets, full of vibrant colours, patterns and designs are being used for the purpose of house decoration. These colourful blankets go well with the bed-sheets of almost all the colours, thereby adding an exclusive statement to your odd, old and boring room setting. Similarly, Kantha baby quilts, too, are creating a huge statement for themselves. These baby quilts come in a number of colours, designs and patterns which is not only good in terms of the appearance but in its overall quality as well. The soft cotton material and the colourful designs of these quilts are taking over all the cartoon blankets that the children would earlier want to sleep in.

Another Kantha product creating a lot of buzz is the Kantha throws. A beautiful and a colourful Kantha throw can be adjusted just anywhere into your house – bedroom, drawing room or the living room to add more colours and statement to your otherwise dull setting.

All these Kantha products are setting an example of more quirky and vibrant house décor ideas and more number of people today are experimenting with these patterns. Here are a few Kantha quilt and throws ideas that could inspire you for an ultimate house decoration:

  • Vintage Kantha quilts and throws:

Kantha, as it is, is considered to be a vibrant and colourful style and leaving it raw in its most vintage form can create a statement for itself. All you are required to do is to pick any vintage Kantha saree and customize the same into a beautiful Kantha quilts or a blanket or a throw. You can use the resulting product in your bedroom.

  • Reversible Kantha blankets and quilts:

For this particular idea, you are required to pick two different Kantha sarees and to weave them into a blanket to give it a reversible look. You can contrast colours with this particular idea. Pick the saree in two different shades and let it create a beautiful reversible design for your blanket.

  • Dyed Kantha:

For this purpose, you can pick your old and dull Kantha saree and make it all the more colourful by dyeing it in different shades. Indigo dyeing is considered to be complementing the Kantha designs very well. Furthermore, you can also opt for the process of tying and dying. The results would be as astonishing as the process.

Choose from these three different Kantha ideas for your blankets, Kantha quilts or throws and your little space would speak for itself.


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