How to swaddle your baby in a Kantha quilt?

Newborns can become quite fussy over small things like not being comfortable in their cots or when they are hungry buy doesn’t want to drink milk. And for a mother, it can be quite a hectic job to pacify them and make them feel cozy and warm. For this, the age-old technique of swaddling is […]

How to decorate your home using Kantha curtains?

Every house has a similar structure that can be judged based on the degree of equivalence, if not equality. And when the structures are more or less equivalent to each other, we can expect some of the features to be the same as the balconies, doors, and the windows, You know it is one of […]

Different types of Kantha works and upholstery

India is a variant country, having a hybrid cultural background. Since the 70s, the country has started to prosper once again in terms of the cultural background. And presently, you can say that no other country is as diverse as India is. Its diversity can be clearly seen in the embroidery artworks it has. Based […]

Kantha Table Mats Usage

Embroidery works have become quite famous over the years in India, and thanks to the creative minds, we can now catch glimpses of the old Indian culture through the artworks. Be it the old Rajasthani work of jaris or the Bengal art of Kantha stitches, people are showing renowned interest in such lost embroideries. And perhaps this […]

How to use Kantha pouches in your daily life

Pouches are extremely handful when you wish to keep all your things in a sorted manner. Not only this, the hand pouches that you have might seem to be a time and space savior as you won’t have to rummage through your entire house for just a small piece of belonging. Occasionally, people loved using […]

Kantha accessories for your kitchen

Indian embroideries have been quite popular throughout the world, and hence in the recent years, there has been a rise in the old age styles of embroidery and fabric stitches. Kantha embroidery is one such example where you can easily find a clear resemblance with the age-old eastern Indian culture. In earlier days, women of […]

Most wondrous running stitch – Kantha

Kantha – the name which has become overly popular in the fashion and handloom industry. Kantha refers to a very distinct style of embroidery that hails from Bengal and is applied to the creation of various coverlets and duvets. Traditionally called as Lep Kantha, this pattern of embroidery involved the local and rural women sewing […]

Kantha scarves: Perfect for DIY

Kantha – one of the most popular forms of embroidery in the recent time that has become widespread. Kantha is not an alien form of embroidery anymore as it has taken the entire fashion and handloom world by storm. More number of people are choosing this pattern of embroidery in various fashion and décor items, […]

Bengal – State of Vintage Kantha Quilts

Kantha has become a very famous name in the world of handlooms and textiles today. However, not many people know that this pattern of embroidery has its root in the ancient India where it was considered to be a major craft among the household women of Bengal. Kantha is a kind of embroidery craft that […]

The increasing popularity of Kantha embroidery – Kantha Wholesalers

Kantha embroidery has become one of the most popular forms of embroidery in the present time. This style hails from West Bengal, however, over the time it has spread itself across the country. Not only this, various forms of Kantha styling have made their debut on a global level too. As a result, Kantha is […]