Kantha scarves: Perfect for DIY

Kantha – one of the most popular forms of embroidery in the recent time that has become widespread. Kantha is not an alien form of embroidery anymore as it has taken the entire fashion and handloom world by storm. More number of people are choosing this pattern of embroidery in various fashion and décor items, thereby adding this beautiful form of embroidery into their daily use.

One such popular item where this pattern has become the hottest trend is the Kantha scarf. Kantha scarves have surely become the flavor of season in present time. Thanks to the chilly winters – these scarves are being sold like hotcakes in a number of stores, exhibitions and brands. Kantha scarves surely serve as a fashionable and trendy accessory which can make your dull dress colorful, vibrant and very stylish. You can use the Kantha scarves in a number of styles and patterns to drape them around your neck, waist, and head or even use them as the drapes around your bags.

If you have a penchant for Kantha stoles and scarves but couldn’t find a good buy yourself, don’t get disappointed! You can now create your own Kantha scarf as they serve as a perfect ‘Do it Yourself’ thing for you to try:

  • You don’t necessarily need to go to the market and bring different kinds of fabrics to make your beautiful Kantha scarf for it can be done using your old rags and fabrics as well. Find all the old fabrics that you don’t use anymore or ask your mother to lend you her old saree which she doesn’t wear anymore. Choose different fabrics involving different patterns and colors. Once you are done assembling the required, simply stitch them with each-other. Your Kantha DIY scarf is ready and you can wear it with any dress and at any event.
  • You can also experiment with your creative genius and use your hand in experimenting with the running stitch involved in Kantha in order to create your very own colorful and vibrant Kantha scarf. Just experiment with a small piece of cloth and practice the running stitch on it till you actually start mastering the same. Once you are done learning the art, use it to stitch your own Kantha scarf. You can also pick any solid and plain fabric from your wardrobe and weave Kantha embroidery on it in order to turn it into a beautiful and vibrant scarf.

The popularity of Kantha needs no introduction for it has been recognized throughout the world today. From handloom industry to the successful fashion industry, a number of artists and designers and taking Kantha into use in order to make some of the most beautiful and stylish creations. Kantha is pretty, vibrant and very Bohemian and the same can be used in a number of ways. You are merely required to have your own imagination with this work of art and to further use it in your own sweet way to create something stylish and elegant. Do it Yourself now.

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