All About Baby Kantha Quilts

Babies are the bundle of delicate innocence and they need the utmost comfort and protection from the adversaries of nature. It is a motherly instinct to protect your cute little newborn from every harshness and that is why your baby will always seek comfort in your embrace. However, keeping your baby close to yourself is not possible since excessive body heat can cause adverse effects in the newborn. So what is the next best option to keep them warm? The soft and smooth kantha quilts. In fact, this particular baby comforter is perfect for keeping them warm and protecting them from the cold. They are widely available in baby stores or you can also buy them from markets. Hence, you actually have an abundant supply of the quilts. What Is A Kantha Quilt? Kantha is a type of Indian embroidery where you place old or thin fabrics on over the other and then stitch the stack together. This multi-layered quilt is overall quite soft since the fabric used are either cotton or smooth silk. For Babies, the cotton Kantha quilts are preferable since their skin do not react with the cotton fibres. Using these quilts to keep the babies warm has been in the Indian tradition since a long time when blankets were not yet introduced to the population. Guess, the tradition is passed down to the generation. How Does A Kantha Quilt Keep A Baby Warm? The baby Kantha quilts are made of numerous fabrics layered one above the other. Now, there are air spaces left in between two consecutive layers. As we all know that air is a bad conductor of heat that is it does not allow the heat to pass through, the trapped air in between each layer act as an insulator. They do not allow the heat to escape into the surrounding nor do it allow the external coldness to reach up to the baby’s skin. In this way, the baby is kept warm when covered with the baby Kantha quilts. The more the age of your child, the thicker the quilts should be. It is because, with age, the body temperature too increases and hence, a more pronounced insulation will be required. If your baby is getting irritated with the cloth of the quilts and is constantly wailing, you can cover the quilts with a soft cover. Why To Choose Baby Kantha Quilts? The multi-layered Kantha Quilt is made from vibrant colors. It will keep your baby smiling and cheerful since they love colors. Also, a blanket will be too heavy for them and a normal comforter will be too thin. Kantha Quilt provides the exact thickness to keep your baby warm and protected. Also, these covers are soft and will not harm your kid’s delicate skin. The pores in the blanket are the perfect place for dirt deposition which can cause illness in your newborn. To prevent that, using the Kantha Quilt is more preferable. They do not have pores where microorganisms can multiply since these covers are made from cotton. You can wash the quilts often as they are light weighted and hence, proper sanitation will be maintained.    

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