Kantha accessories for your kitchen

Indian embroideries have been quite popular throughout the world, and hence in the recent years, there has been a rise in the old age styles of embroidery and fabric stitches. Kantha embroidery is one such example where you can easily find a clear resemblance with the age-old eastern Indian culture.

In earlier days, women of West Bengal and Orissa used to pile up sheer clothes like saris, dhotis, and other kinds of fabrics. When they used to get enough volume, they stitched the clothes together with running stitches along with edges and sometimes in between too to get the desired effects. In the long run, the essence of the Kantha stitches was lost on the Indian mass and somehow the knowledge itself was buried somewhere in the pages of history.
However, in the past few years, the Kantha fabrics have been on a rise, thanks to the love of people for unique Indian embroideries. Kantha stitches are done with multi-color threads in the form of running stitches on thin clothes. Nowadays, Kantha fabrics are not only available in the form of quilts or clothes but also in the form of kitchen accessories.

Yes! You got that right! Kitchen accessories like kitchen towels, table mats, dish clothes and so on are available in the form of embroidered Kantha fabrics. These fabrics are washable easily and hence there is no question of throwing them away the moment they will get dirty. Moreover, you can expect quite a lot of variety of designs, shapes, and even in fabric style.

Overall, it’s quite a relief for the eyes and the mind to know that you can now change the entire look of your kitchen without spending too much on the accessories. So, let’s have a look at what are the most famous kitchen accessories made from Kantha fabric that you can have.

Kantha Tea cozy

These covers made from multicolor Kantha stitched fabric are used to cover your entire tea kettle in a lot more fashionable manner. The purpose of this accessory is to keep your tea warmer for longer times. However, it’s added benefit is that you can get the chance to establish a more standard and elegant look while serving tea to your guests.

Kantha Tablemats

Used since a long time, Kantha table mats are available in multiple shapes, the three prominent are the rectangular shapes, oval and circular shapes. These mats are available in different colors with running stitch embroideries and also in a form where the entire like of cloth is covered with stitches to give it a different illusionary look.

Kantha dishcloths

Basically, dish clothes are used to dry the crockeries, especially when you are using melamine or glass ones. Water might stain the crockeries and hence wiping the droplets is very essential. It is for this purpose that you can use the Kantha dish clothes. Since they are made double or triple-layered thin cotton sarees, they can easily clear off the water.

Kantha Aprons

Patchwork Kantha ApronKitchen Apron
Another way to style your kitchen is by using the Kantha aprons. These are made from a thin pile of clothes and so that is thin enough to make you feel comfortable while you are cooking.

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