How to use Kantha pouches in your daily life

Pouches are extremely handful when you wish to keep all your things in a sorted manner. Not only this, the hand pouches that you have might seem to be a time and space savior as you won’t have to rummage through your entire house for just a small piece of belonging.

Occasionally, people loved using leather pouches or pouches made from cotton or silk fabric. But in the recent years, the practice of using such dramatic pouches has declined. Nowadays, women are focusing more on handmade pouches with tons of embroidery works.

One such hand embroidered pouch type is the Kantha fabrics. Kantha is gradually becoming quite popular because of its artistic and aesthetic importance that you can never ignore. Also, the way the embroideries are done using the running stitches is commendable.

Kantha is now being used to manufacture the hand pouches which are of intense use as they can be used to store a lot of things in various ways. Also, you can store your essentials in those pouches while you are travelling or going to some parties or celebrations.

But, the main problem is to effectively use those pouches so that you won’t run out of space or forget about putting the most important thing in the bag. This is why here we have discussed certain ways in which you can use the Kantha pouches in the best possible way. Below are Kantha Pouch usage.

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Kantha pouch nail kit

Starting with your favorite nail polish to the filers and nail cutters, all these are quite important for a girl who loves to keep her nails beautiful and clean. So, rather than rummaging through the drawers every time you need one, it’s best to use a Kantha pouch for keeping all that you need for your nails. And if the pouch is big, you can also store your favorite nail polishes and polish remover.

Toiletry kit with Kantha pouch

While travelling, you need a separate compartment for storing your essential toiletries. But, every time it’s not possible to take them out of your luggage bag and then again putting them insides. So, the Kantha pouches can be used for such purposes.

Kantha pouch come jewelry bag

For keeping all the earrings or bangles in a sorted manner, use a thick Kantha pouch bag. You can even make different pouches for different jewelry pieces like one bag for earrings, one for your rings, one for your chokers and necklaces and so on.

Documentary Kantha pouch

For storing your important documents like ID cards, passports, and so on, you can use the Kantha pouches. As the material is soft, there is no problem of tearing off or distortion of the documents.

Kantha pouches for a pool visit

If you are visiting a nearby club pool or if you luckily stay by a beach side, the Kantha pouches will come in handy. You can put all your essentials like sunglass, sun cream and so on and just carry that to the pool or the beach.

Lipstick storage with Kantha pouch

If you are a lipstick lover, then the Kantha pouches are the best option since they are large enough to allow you to store all your lipsticks at one place.

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