Kantha Table Mats Usage

Embroidery works have become quite famous over the years in India, and thanks to the creative minds, we can now catch glimpses of the old Indian culture through the artworks. Be it the old Rajasthani work of jaris or the Bengal art of Kantha stitches, people are showing renowned interest in such lost embroideries. And perhaps this has fueled the rise of such arts throughout the country. 

Kantha stitches and embroidery works originated from Eastern India, especially from Bengal and the surrounding few areas. The art is unique as in earlier days, women used to stitch piles of sheer clothes together to impart a volume. The type of stitch performed as a part of embroidery work is the running stitch. Multiple colors of threads are used to draw linear lines of running stitches throughout the Kantha fabric. 

As the embroidery is handmade and has high aesthetic value, the use of the same can be seen in the manufacturing of dining table clothes. Even though the style is rather new, it is not hidden that people are widely accepting the culture and art with wide-open arms. 

However, being new, it might be a bit difficult to grasp the concept of decking up your dining tabletop with the Kantha table clothes in different ways. So, for your convenience, let’s discuss some extravagant, lavish, and stylish ways to decorate your tabletop using the Kantha fabrics. 

For six or eight-seater tabletop, make a center pattern with Kantha table clothes 

If you have a large dining table that houses six to eight chairs, you will get enough room to place the Kantha table clothes in patterned form. If you have bought an entire set of Kantha table clothes which entitle a particular design when placed together, arrange them in the order just at the center. It will form a rectangular cover whereas the pattern will leave enough gap along the edges for dishes. 

For small tabletops, cover it with hand-embroidered Kantha clothes 

If it’s a small two or four-seater table, then you will have the added advantage of covering the entire top with the Kantha table cloth. For this, make sure you are buying dazzling embroidered clothes like patterns done with running stitches or patchworks done using different threads. 

For a bolder look, use monochrome color mixes with a thick volume 

If you wish to impart a monochrome look to the dining table, use Kantha fabrics that have a monochrome color combination like multiple shades of grey with hints of black or mixed shades of brown with traces of black or yellow in between. You can also look for single-colored Kantha fabric with close to similar embroidery shades. 

Brighter looks can be gained with patch embroidery on sheer fabric 

Patchworks on Kantha fabrics are becoming more popular since they impart a bright, dazzling look that lightens up the entire room. You can even mix up colors and designs with a dark wooden background of the tabletop. Also, the patchworks come in different colors mixed together. So, you won’t have to worry about the bright look. 

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