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Kantha embroidery has become one of the most popular forms of embroidery in the present time. This style hails from West Bengal, however, over the time it has spread itself across the country. Not only this, various forms of Kantha styling have made their debut on a global level too. As a result, Kantha is being sold like hotcakes by the Kantha wholesalers across the country and abroad.

Kantha WholesalersThis form of embroidery is not just restricted to any particular form or pattern. Different forms of Kantha are used to create different varieties. Kantha has seven different types. Each of these types is specifically used in the designing and manufacture of different Kantha products. The craze of Kantha is not just restricted to a particular type, pattern, design or variety – Kantha is popularizing itself by its wonderful creations belonging to multiple varieties. Kantha wholesalers are extracting huge profits out of their business of selling Kantha in different forms and patterns.

Kantha embroidery was traditionally dedicated towards creating dhotis, quilts and sarees. However, over the time, the culture and fashion of Kantha evolved itself to make its entry into the Indian fashion as well. The yarn is now taken from all the old and ragged sarees after which the design is traced. Finally it is covered with the running stitches and made into various apparels.

The handloom industry, too, is making the most use of Kantha embroidery. The beautiful Kantha embroidery is seen and found on a number of pillow covers, shawls, dupattas as well as several home furnishings.

According to famous Kantha wholesalers, day to day life is considered to be the biggest source of inspiration behind this craft. Kantha involves the designs of a number of motifs of different figures of birds, animals, folk scenes, fishes and various imagery depicting different views of livelihood of the people living in Bengal. Apart from this, reprocessing and recycling is considered to be yet another form of motivation of the Kantha embroidery. This is because initially the women would recycle their old clothes to turn and transform them into something more practical such as blankets, covers for furniture, etc.

The work and creativity of Kantha has been prevailing around for ages and the same has become the hottest pick of a majority of designers. The interior decorators and artists, too, are showing a great interest in this form of embroidery. Many innovations of Kantha have been taking place lately and all these innovations are becoming popular among all the fashionistas.

The demand for Kantha embroidery is not just restricted to India alone, but the same has received a global recognition. The designers in the UK and Japan are reaching out to local Kantha wholesalers to use this form of embroidery into their own designs. Kantha is being promoted globally in a number of forms.

Kantha work has been in flourishing itself for centuries and it still makes the Indian fashion and handloom industry go around. Many developments are being made in its technique and different flavors of style are being adopted to popularize Kantha all the more.

Beauty of Vintage Kantha Baby Quilts

Made from layers of bright and colourful vintage saris, hand-stitched together in contrasting thread, these beautiful baby quilts are not only incredibly soft and lightweight, but the perfect size for little ones to snuggle up with. Enjoy one-of-a-kind item! One of kind because these are unique, no two piece are alike. Each of baby quilt has its own story. Each blanket has a story of love and affection, story of artisan and memories of their life and much more.
These versatile baby blankets can be used as a wrap, blanket, swaddle, pram cover, beach rug, wall art… the uses are endless. Ideal snuggle these blankets for cots, cradles, baskets, beds, backs or whatever one puts a baby in.
These Baby quilts are so great, aren’t they? They’re typically pretty small, so they require less fabric, thread and time to make. You can choose from a variety of adorable prints or soft pastel solids. Quilting them is a breeze. And best of all, you can make one in a weekend! It’s so much fun to create for little one.
Not that you need a thought to make another quilt, but a baby is a pretty great reason. And while diapers, baby wipes and onesies are all impressive gifts for new babies. A quilt is a gift that can be loved, used and washed over and over again. From tummy time to extremity burp cloth, there can never be ample soft blankets around with a new baby. And when baby grows into toddler and child, there are picnics to be eaten, fabric forts to be built, bedtime cuddles to be had, winter car rides that need a lap cover, and more. There are various uses for a small handmade quilt – it’s a gift that gives for years.
As these vintage baby quilts are handmade, vintage item, it may not be perfectly sized, there may be loose threads & imperfections. This is not a fault, just affix to its charm and telling a story of its tradition.

As this a alluring handmade / vintage item, special care must be taken while using and washing. Gentle, cold hand wash separately, use only a mild detergent, do not bleach, do not soak, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean. Dry flat in shade and cool iron if required.

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