Reasons to Buy Kantha Quilts

Kantha quilts have their origin from Southern Asia and these quilts have become one of the most trending home décor ideas of the recent times. A number of Kantha products are being sold like hotcakes and more number of people are buying these products to use them in one way or the other for the purpose of home decoration.

There are a number of reasons that would easily convince you to buy the amazing Kantha quilts and use them in your homes. Below listed are a few of them:

  1. Kantha serves as an amazing sleep space:

Kantha quilts were mainly designed for the purpose of warding off the winter cool that was experienced by the children in the rural areas of India. Thus, this is where the origin of Kantha blankets and Kantha baby quilts took place. Kantha is surely one comfortable fabric which keeps you warm and cozy throughout the cool winters. Moreover, the overall design of Kantha is just so beautiful and elegant.

  1. Kantha bedsheets are a hot fashion:

If you are a person who looks forward to buying bed-sheets which are good looking and elegant, Kantha bedsheets serve as the best choice for you. Let your mattresses embrace the beautiful, vibrant and colorful Kantha bed-sheets and take the entire decoration of your bed room to a next level. Kantha bed-sheets are beautifully designed for sure.

  1. Kantha for your table setting:

The best thing about Kantha is that it could be taken into use in a number of ways. Thus, if you are an individual who loves to design your house with all the vibrant and colorful vibes, Kantha is the pick for you. The amazing Kantha table setting for your dining table is one excellent choice to decorate your dining table and to give it a unique and different look. Arrange your cutlery over the beautifully designed Kantha table setting and it would surely catch all the eyes.

  1. Kantha Cushion Covers:

Kantha cushion covers are surely going to give a new touch to your old boring couch. The amazing patterns of Kantha can easily be woven on to the naked pillows in order to accentuate their beauty and make your décor classy and elegant. You can buy Kantha cushion covers in different designs and sizes from the market. At the same time, you can also take an old Kantha quilt into use to further turn it into amazing cushion covers. The colorful cushion covers of Kantha would surely add a beautiful theme to your house.

The fashion of Kantha is increasing with each passing day and more number of people are buying to decorate their houses following different theme, ideas and concepts. Kantha is surely one of the most versatile fabric which could be used in a number of ways. The colorful appearance of Kantha makes it a great option to use it in a number of ways. Buy these amazing Kantha accessories and begin with the new project of decorating your house with the beautiful Kantha essentials.

Kantha Quilts and Kantha Cushion Covers Home Organizing hacks

Organizing and decorating a house has never been an easy task. However, the process could become easy sometimes if you sample out the right things to be used for decoration. The house décor items such as blankets, quilts, bed covers, cushion covers, etc. play a very vital role in making any of your house space look rich, classy and sophisticated. Kantha products have become the flavor of season these days. From magazines to websites to experts – everything is touting Kantha to be the latest trend in house décor.

You can therefore include everything Kantha into your house-decorating process to make it look all the more beautiful. Kantha cushion covers and Kantha quilts could be customized in a number of ways using which you can decorate your house like never before. Following are the 6 organizing hacks using Kantha cushion covers and quilts that are marked and suggested by the experts themselves.

  1. Kantha bed-covers:

You can use your old Kantha quilts to give them a makeover into a bed-covers. Bed covers are very much in fashion these days and turning your Kantha quilt into a bed cover isn’t a bad idea at all. Use these bed covers in your bedrooms and living room and you are all set to create a new look.

  1. Kantha curtains:

Kantha quilts can also be customized and used into Kantha curtains. For this particular purpose, you can also take an old Kantha saree into use. Decorate these Kantha curtains using various laces and frills.

  1. Kantha cushion covers:

Kantha cushion covers have become the hottest Kantha trend. Ditch your old cushion covers and add a harmonious look into your drawing room by inculcating the beautiful Kantha cushion covers into the same. The beautiful prints of the Kantha cushion covers is surely going to add flavors into the boring sofa.

  1. Kantha frame:

Your old Kantha quilt or bed-sheet can also be recreated into a beautiful looking Kantha frame. You are merely required to pick your favorite Kantha print and further get it framed into a beautiful Kantha frame. Decorate it into your drawing room.

  1. Kantha table cover:

Just like the bed covers, Kantha quilt could also be taken into use as a Kantha table cover. Table covers always add an extra flavor of beauty as to your boring table. Thus, what’s better than adding some beautiful and colorful prints of Kantha into the same? The results would be more than vibrant.

  1. Kantha mats:

You can also cut your Kantha quilt into small sized mats to further use it as to the decoration of your side tables or side stools. Thus, it is the time you forget your boring table mats and add a hint of Kantha into the same.

These Kantha hacks are not so extravagant. You are merely required to take out your old Kantha quilt and give it a new touch to redecorate and renovate your house space into something extraordinarily beautiful.

Beauty of Vintage Kantha Baby Quilts

Made from layers of bright and colourful vintage saris, hand-stitched together in contrasting thread, these beautiful baby quilts are not only incredibly soft and lightweight, but the perfect size for little ones to snuggle up with. Enjoy one-of-a-kind item! One of kind because these are unique, no two piece are alike. Each of baby quilt has its own story. Each blanket has a story of love and affection, story of artisan and memories of their life and much more.
These versatile baby blankets can be used as a wrap, blanket, swaddle, pram cover, beach rug, wall art… the uses are endless. Ideal snuggle these blankets for cots, cradles, baskets, beds, backs or whatever one puts a baby in.
These Baby quilts are so great, aren’t they? They’re typically pretty small, so they require less fabric, thread and time to make. You can choose from a variety of adorable prints or soft pastel solids. Quilting them is a breeze. And best of all, you can make one in a weekend! It’s so much fun to create for little one.
Not that you need a thought to make another quilt, but a baby is a pretty great reason. And while diapers, baby wipes and onesies are all impressive gifts for new babies. A quilt is a gift that can be loved, used and washed over and over again. From tummy time to extremity burp cloth, there can never be ample soft blankets around with a new baby. And when baby grows into toddler and child, there are picnics to be eaten, fabric forts to be built, bedtime cuddles to be had, winter car rides that need a lap cover, and more. There are various uses for a small handmade quilt – it’s a gift that gives for years.
As these vintage baby quilts are handmade, vintage item, it may not be perfectly sized, there may be loose threads & imperfections. This is not a fault, just affix to its charm and telling a story of its tradition.

As this a alluring handmade / vintage item, special care must be taken while using and washing. Gentle, cold hand wash separately, use only a mild detergent, do not bleach, do not soak, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean. Dry flat in shade and cool iron if required.

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Reasons to Get Addicted to Kantha Quilts

The best thing about Kantha is these can be used throughout your home — on beds, as upholstery and as wall hangings.

Kantha quilts originate from eastern state of India and are made from vintage/old saris, layered on top of each other and stitched together. They have vibrant and unexpected colors, intricate patterns and an abundance of embroidered running stitches. It is quite easy to get yourself addicted to kantha quilts. If you would have managed to collect a few over the years, a big congratulations on your wise investment. These are so unique, one must have. Here are 15 places to integrate them into your decor.

1. This exciting and exotic sleep space: By far my best-loved thing to do with kantha quilts is to layer them on top of one other as bedding, as their lightweight nature makes these flawless for the job. Just like layering your clothes, this technique adds physical warmth, but also a relaxed elegance that seems like you haven’t tried too hard. For instance; make your bedroom with this and see the mixture of colorful embroidery draws the eye to the focal point of the room, the sleep space, but also the valuable light coming from the window.

2. This understated and dignified sleep space: These vintage kantha quilts are double sided, means reversible in nature – so they’re great for introducing an instant mixing and matching of patterns to add notice to a neutral bedroom scheme. To make this look, use a crisp white bedcover and layer your multi-color kantha quilts over the top (turn down the top of your blankets for a peek at the pattern underneath). Make sure you stumble them, so that one quilt sits higher than the other —this way both quilts are on unevil. Find accessories like books, plates or cushions that echo some of the colors in the quilt to tie the look together.

3. As a table runner: Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Kantha quilts make stunning tablecloths and runner! There is no need for any fancy cutlery or crockery here, because all eyes will be focused on the beautiful Kantha table cover. I’ll also let you in on a little secret: This patchwork Kantha table runner is the ultimate disguise for spills and drips at dinnertime.

4. This upholstered chaise: Like a knight in shining armor, this beautiful kantha cotton fabric has been draped across the seating area of this stunning black velvet antique sofa.

5. This show stopping scalloped chair: The vivid colors and patterns found in these Kantha blankets are so versatile that whatever the combination, these seem to work together. Here, a cheerful scalloped chair has been upholstered in a kaleidoscope of kantha fabric made from vintage saris.

6. As a colourful ottomans: Resting your feet has never been so contemporary with ottomans and footstools covered in godly kantha fabric. These are such an affirmation piece even when not in use. Plus, they’re practical — you’ll thank yourself for these handy seats when you’re lurch around with your shoelaces. If you aren’t feeling confident enough to slice up your quilts, hire a professional to upholster the seats for you.

7. As winter warmers: Searching for a lap blanket or something to take the edge off the cold when dining outdoors? Lightweight and available in various sizes, these kantha blankets are perfect for popping on your lap. Hang over the back of chairs; they can be obtained with ease.

8. As headboard: Attaching a multi-colored kantha quilt to a headboard is a creative way to preserve and display a precious blanket. As most kantha quilts are double sided, I would suggest a semi-permanent method of attachment — such as safety pins or Velcro — so that you have the option to flip the quilt and show off the reverse side as well. Easy to switch as per your mood.

9. As cushion Cover: When shopping for kantha quilts, it is sometimes hard to choose which one or two that you should buy. All of these are so gracious. Keep in mind that they can be made into kantha cushion covers, which means with a mix of colors and patterns available, you can take advantage of having a lot in same piece.

10. As a boho-chic kids’ chair: If you are searching for an everlasting way to make over a chair, you may like to consider using a kantha blanket. It’s astounding how versatile kantha is for different decorating styles. It seems to adjunct almost any setting by adding just a touch of color and pattern — not so much that it overtakes other sections in a room.

11. As a Wall Hanging: Each kantha quilt is like an original and unique piece of art and deserves to be treated as such. No piece is alike. Hang your kanthas on the wall and they will be treasured by all. And the bonus of a kantha wall hanging is that you can turn it over because of their reversible nature to reveal the pattern on the other side whenever you’re ready for a new look.

12. Over a bench: Over the back of a chair, on a bench, as a table runner or even as a picnic blanket, There are so many alternatives of using your kantha quilts.

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Story of three “H” of Kantha Quilts

Happy colors, history, and hand-stitching: these three H of Kantha Quilts, creativity emerged from a reversible Kantha Quilt originated by artisans in west Bengal, India. The word Kantha, pronounced (KAAN taa), means ‘rags’ in Sanskrit. A Kantha stitch simply means a small straight running stitch in Bengali embroidery.

Something about alliteration tugs at my heart. It resonates. I’m prompted to repeat it. Thus, the three “H’s” of Kantha Quilts: happy colors, history and hand-stitching

Happy Colors in Kantha Quilts

Not every Kantha is bright but as these are double sided so there are chances of one side to be brighter than other. The colors and the patterns are so unique that they amazed the eyes. These make me feel that they are happy and wanted the same from as well – happiness.

We wrapped ourselves in the reversible Kantha quilt of our choice. In spite of the multiple colors and patterns, cohesiveness ruled. We choose each and every Kantha of our own choice and sometimes also request the color and the pattern we need in quilt so they add to it.

Made from vintage saris, these can be made in multi-layer. 3 layered is the most running Kantha quilt and at the same time affordable to.

History of Kantha Quilts

Interested in knowing detailed history of Kantha quilts ?

“These vintage sari quilts from west Bengal, India are produced using multiple of very worn, aged, recycled saris that have been mended and patched over many years of use. The quilts are then sewn together using various scraps of fabrics as batting (sometimes as many as 6-7 layers of scrap filling causing different thicknesses within a quilt or as per demand.

Hand-stitching on Kantha Quilts

In our always-on society, hand-stitching propose a different opportunity to feel connected. Hand-stitching connects you first of all with yourself. Feel into slowing down, threading a needle and sewing on fabric. Hold something besides routine. Enjoy present split second awareness as you stitch.

Kantha quilts have always been hand-stitched by rural women, typically using a running stitch. It’s quite easy to replicate. More importantly, it’s a satisfying practise. One can be amazed at the sense of confidence that comes from your hand-work by producing such a beautiful quilt.

My vintage Kantha quilt delivered these three H of kantha quilts to me : happy colors, history, and hand-stitching. What’s your kantha appeals to you?

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