Connection with Vintage Kantha Quilts

It started simply with a stitch, and ends with a story.

I remember the day when I received my first quilt, progressed down to me from my mother, hand-stitched by my grandmother. It was filled up with life; her favourite colors, curved lines, witless patterns but a very fine stitch.

It was worn, assembled around the edges but kept its motherly warmth. My grandmother collected all of the quilts she made, and gave these to family members when she left us. I’ve adore mine, knowing that I’ll never get same like it, but still wanting to search something that I could start to collect, just like she did.

I found my halfway when I was first instigate to a few quilts that were labeled as “Kantha from bengal” at my husband’s shop with website fall in love, It was simply love at first sight; I wanted to grasp anything and everything about these beautiful kantha. Kantha refers to the kind of stitch used in the craft of this peculiar type of embroidery. The tradition began in India, where old sari is mixed and layered with worn recycled fabrics and stitched together, creating a vintage quilt. This distinct stitch gives the sari quilts and various fabrics a textured, wavy, quality. Each quilt is truly unique, and I love how each one feels like it has a unlike story.

So, I’m hooked. Here I am today, gathering and loving each vintage kantha quilt I can get my hands on. It may be the variety of pattern on each quilt that draws me in; how I can link to each stitch, after all, I’ve always been a bit all over the place, a rambling soul, a bit of everything. I fall in love with these kantha quilts, new for a new reason. I feel amazed seeing one side has Ruby red paisley prints with a vibrant patch of yellow florals, and the other has a winter snowy feel. They’re so bizzare, and so me.

Kantha is more or less like home to me. It’s something what I always wish and  love to collect; it’s what I wanted to keep near and dear to my heart. Each kantha quilt has a different story, and I’m now making these as a part of my story.

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What is special in Kantha Quilts ?

What is special in Kantha Quilts ?

Why we love them : Vivid, Joyful colors! Wildly knotty hand-stitching! An exotic place of beginning! What’s not to love? One of these South Asian blankets will add just the suitable amount of oomph your home needs in the sunny months ahead. Where they’re from: Kantha’s originate in Bangladesh and the eastern states of India, where women stitch together layer upon layer of old saris and shake off the cloth scraps to create thin throws used as blankets, cushions, handbags, quilts and many more attractive items.

How you say it : KAHN-taa

Where you’ve seen them: Some of our favourite boho Wholesaler of these Kantha stuff such as or maniona have amassed a privileged collection of kanthas, which show up laid, sprawl, and crimp in effortlessly cool ways around their equally enviable homes. Scroll down for an easy-to-replicate DIY project Maniona dreamt up using one.

Fun fact: Kanthas sport different patterns on each side like geometrical, circular, Stripes, zigzag, Polka Dots and much more, and who doesn’t love a good two-for-one deal?

Naturally, as quilts, they’re overnight sensations. But blanketing your bed is not all they can do. Below are few more reasons you should covet a kantha made stuff.

Drape Beautifully Across Sofas.

Laying a kantha over the arm of your couch or love seat adds interim colour and impression to your living room and assures that you have a light cover at the handy when popcorn and a movie come calling. Take it a step ahead  by actually plaiting a quilt around your seat’s cushions to give it an instant amend without all-new upholstery.

Make Top-Shelf Tablecloths.

Gently and Beautifully patterned and thin enough that they won’t make drink glasses falter, kanthas are like the mainstay in the building blocks of a festive table setting. Spread one across your entire table, or fold it in thirds as a runner under big dish of food you’ll pass family-style. And it (almost) goes beyond saying that they make dynamic picnic blankets for casual gatherings.

Are perfect as Pillow Covers.

With their polka dots and poppy prints and bright colorways, kanthas were made to cover throw pillows. You can buy pillows already clad in kantha fabric, or take a quilt to your local tailor and have it sewn into pillows. Toss a few on the floor with a floppy cushion and—voilà!—a kid-level lounge pad fit for a laid-back adult.

Dress Up Accent Pieces.

Some ottomans and benches come already drape in kantha fabric. But if you’re the hands-on type who loves nothing more than a grafting, do what one of our favourite Maniona, did and stitch up a slowpoke of your own, an especially nice touch alongside a creamy white couch.