Reasons to Buy Kantha Quilts

Kantha quilts have their origin from Southern Asia and these quilts have become one of the most trending home décor ideas of the recent times. A number of Kantha products are being sold like hotcakes and more number of people are buying these products to use them in one way or the other for the purpose of home decoration.

There are a number of reasons that would easily convince you to buy the amazing Kantha quilts and use them in your homes. Below listed are a few of them:

  1. Kantha serves as an amazing sleep space:

Kantha quilts were mainly designed for the purpose of warding off the winter cool that was experienced by the children in the rural areas of India. Thus, this is where the origin of Kantha blankets and Kantha baby quilts took place. Kantha is surely one comfortable fabric which keeps you warm and cozy throughout the cool winters. Moreover, the overall design of Kantha is just so beautiful and elegant.

  1. Kantha bedsheets are a hot fashion:

If you are a person who looks forward to buying bed-sheets which are good looking and elegant, Kantha bedsheets serve as the best choice for you. Let your mattresses embrace the beautiful, vibrant and colorful Kantha bed-sheets and take the entire decoration of your bed room to a next level. Kantha bed-sheets are beautifully designed for sure.

  1. Kantha for your table setting:

The best thing about Kantha is that it could be taken into use in a number of ways. Thus, if you are an individual who loves to design your house with all the vibrant and colorful vibes, Kantha is the pick for you. The amazing Kantha table setting for your dining table is one excellent choice to decorate your dining table and to give it a unique and different look. Arrange your cutlery over the beautifully designed Kantha table setting and it would surely catch all the eyes.

  1. Kantha Cushion Covers:

Kantha cushion covers are surely going to give a new touch to your old boring couch. The amazing patterns of Kantha can easily be woven on to the naked pillows in order to accentuate their beauty and make your décor classy and elegant. You can buy Kantha cushion covers in different designs and sizes from the market. At the same time, you can also take an old Kantha quilt into use to further turn it into amazing cushion covers. The colorful cushion covers of Kantha would surely add a beautiful theme to your house.

The fashion of Kantha is increasing with each passing day and more number of people are buying to decorate their houses following different theme, ideas and concepts. Kantha is surely one of the most versatile fabric which could be used in a number of ways. The colorful appearance of Kantha makes it a great option to use it in a number of ways. Buy these amazing Kantha accessories and begin with the new project of decorating your house with the beautiful Kantha essentials.

Hundreds of New Kantha Quilts are now available

Hundreds of New Kantha Quilts are now available

Pronounced KAHN-taa, this mode of quilt originates from the Eastern states of India, West Bengal. Traditionally in this region, women would hand-sew layers of old saris that needs another use after the off cuts of saris became abundant.  As you can imagine, Kantha blankets or quilts are made of an array of colours and patterns with noticeable stitching as part of the design. Each piece of these kantha quilts is totally unique – you really can’t find two alike! As these are made from old sari and each sari is of different color, pattern and design. Each quilt or blanket is made of layers of thin saris, so they provide enough warmth to be used as a bed cover as well as a throw over a sofa or chair and has other many more usage. The layering depends on the demand. Sometimes, it’s just 2 layered and can goes upto 6-7 layers.

The colours and patterns are recklessly different on each kantha, but you’ll find that they always complement each other. They bring new colours and a bit of history into the home – who wouldn’t love these alluring and glistening kantha blankets.

One of the many exceptional attributes to these kantha quilts is that they have contrasting patterns on either side. Usually one side has a heroic, striking print and the other is a bit more exquisite. So for those who like to change up their decor fairly often, these are essentially two blankets in one!

Below, you’ll see that the long stitch that has been sewn through all the layers of vintage saris is kept divulge, a signature quality to the glorious and unique vintage kantha blanket.

We love nothing more than to give you ideas on the numerous uses for our products, so how about using kantha quilts as seat covers.

They are thick, pleasant and if it gets chilly can be used as a blanket for you or guests at your next dinner party!  Again, the great thing about kantha blankets is that they aren’t supposed to match anything, but rather accompaniment your other items.  Take them on a picnic and be the malice of onlookers.

Style TipVintage Kantha Blankets should accompaniment your already beautiful decor, not match, so choose one aspect of the kantha blanket that resembles other facet of your interior. For example if you have a lot of floral in your lounge, choose a kantha that has leaves or paisley patterns (rather than hard geometric shapes) as these natural lines will correlate the natural lines in your floral decor.

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