Story of three “H” of Kantha Quilts

Happy colors, history, and hand-stitching: these three H of Kantha Quilts, creativity emerged from a reversible Kantha Quilt originated by artisans in west Bengal, India. The word Kantha, pronounced (KAAN taa), means ‘rags’ in Sanskrit. A Kantha stitch simply means a small straight running stitch in Bengali embroidery.

Something about alliteration tugs at my heart. It resonates. I’m prompted to repeat it. Thus, the three “H’s” of Kantha Quilts: happy colors, history and hand-stitching

Happy Colors in Kantha Quilts

Not every Kantha is bright but as these are double sided so there are chances of one side to be brighter than other. The colors and the patterns are so unique that they amazed the eyes. These make me feel that they are happy and wanted the same from as well – happiness.

We wrapped ourselves in the reversible Kantha quilt of our choice. In spite of the multiple colors and patterns, cohesiveness ruled. We choose each and every Kantha of our own choice and sometimes also request the color and the pattern we need in quilt so they add to it.

Made from vintage saris, these can be made in multi-layer. 3 layered is the most running Kantha quilt and at the same time affordable to.

History of Kantha Quilts

Interested in knowing detailed history of Kantha quilts ?

“These vintage sari quilts from west Bengal, India are produced using multiple of very worn, aged, recycled saris that have been mended and patched over many years of use. The quilts are then sewn together using various scraps of fabrics as batting (sometimes as many as 6-7 layers of scrap filling causing different thicknesses within a quilt or as per demand.

Hand-stitching on Kantha Quilts

In our always-on society, hand-stitching propose a different opportunity to feel connected. Hand-stitching connects you first of all with yourself. Feel into slowing down, threading a needle and sewing on fabric. Hold something besides routine. Enjoy present split second awareness as you stitch.

Kantha quilts have always been hand-stitched by rural women, typically using a running stitch. It’s quite easy to replicate. More importantly, it’s a satisfying practise. One can be amazed at the sense of confidence that comes from your hand-work by producing such a beautiful quilt.

My vintage Kantha quilt delivered these three H of kantha quilts to me : happy colors, history, and hand-stitching. What’s your kantha appeals to you?

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