All About Baby Kantha Quilts

Babies are the bundle of delicate innocence and they need the utmost comfort and protection from the adversaries of nature. It is a motherly instinct to protect your cute little newborn from every harshness and that is why your baby will always seek comfort in your embrace. However, keeping your baby close to yourself is […]

Evolution of Kantha Embroidery

Kantha is one of the popular styles of embroidery that originated in West Bengal. It is considered to be a symbol of the talents and skills possessed by Bengal’s rural women. The word Kantha signifies ‘throat’, in association to Lord Shiva. Kantha embroidery is known as the ‘running’ stitch. This style of embroidery was traditionally […]

Our Kantha Quilts Are Just So Awesome

Kantha quilts are something that has become the hottest trend whenever it comes to house décor and beautiful indoor settings. The amazing design, patterns, small details as well as vibrant colours of the Kantha quilts surely create one amazing style statement which adds to the beauty of any indoor setting. Kantha basically refers to the […]

Different ways to use your vintage Kantha Bedsheets or Quilts

Paisley Boho Patchwork Kantha Blanket

Kantha quilts and kantha bedsheets are very much in fashion today. The art of Kantha pictures the most beautiful and colourful designs which surely add an extra beautiful appearance to your room, thereby making it all the more stylish, funky and of course quirky. This ancient form of art prevails in India, particularly in Bengal. […]

Kantha Scarves Collection – Make your Purchase Make a Difference

Today I am writing about our new range of Kantha Scarves perfect to layer up and feel stylish all year round. I always wondered what would the old saris be used for, well I know now, it has multiple uses like cushion covers, scarves, quilts, coasters, clothing, handbags, jewellery etc. The creative minds surely find […]