What is Kantha Quilting?

If you have browsed into our shop – vintagekanthaquilt, it is quite likely you have heard word “Kantha”.  Maybe you heard by different names of it like “Kantha Blanket”, “Kantha Throw”, “Kantha Quilt”, ”Kantha Shawl” ,” Kantha Cushion Covers” or even “Kantha Scarf”.  You might even perceive these colorful and alluring embroidered textiles but may not really know how it got its real name?

The simplest explanation is:  Kantha is the archiac Indian art of embroidery.

But here is the deeper story inside it :  ‘Kontha’ is a sanskrit word that literally translates to rugs or patched cloth.  This is felicitous because for centuries, women of Eastern South Asia have taken their textiles or articles of clothing that became too worn out and simply sewn them together for the most basic and practical purpose, to keep their family warm. These were also made to earn their livelihood but now have become trend and quite in fashion.

Over time, Kantha became a traditional art form and a skill developed through generations and they are no longer made from rags, they are fashioned from used and old saris.  Now the term ‘Kantha’ is universally known to illustrate the characteristic small, straight running stitch used to quilt these amazing one-of-a-kind pieces made from recycled saris.  Kantha products are now often purchased as meaningful handmade gifts, often as wedding gifts, gifts for mothers, gifts for friend and as a vibrant way to add splash to your home or wardrobe.

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