Kantha Quilts – The Perfect Wedding Gift for your Loved Ones

It all began with a wedding gift. VintageKanthaQuilt, that is.

Before beginning all of this, I was familiar with the inspiring work started by Sultan and his wife, and had a personal connection with the girl running its operations. I really wanted to buy one, but, living on a graduation student income with our family of 6, I could not quite justify the gratification.

When my friend, Joe, announced that she was engaged, I knew that it was the perfect excuse to buy one!

Joe had been widowed several years before, while pregnant with her second child. Her impending marriage to an amazing man was a glimmer of redemption from the pain & privation of the preceding years. I loved the parallel there – the empathy with women on the other side of the world who were experiencing their own mending from pain & adversity.

Beyond the deep meaning, it was also incredibly practical – she already had a house full of dishware, home Décor, furniture, small appliances, towels, & picture frames! I knew that the Kantha blanket would find some use between the Six members of their house, that it would last a lifetime, and that it would be recognized & remembered always.

Nearly 3.5 years later, it’s still true! The blanket resides on their main Chaise Lounge and is loved daily. And I have bought many, many more colorful blankets since!. I am simply in love with them, afterall these are so BEAUTIFUL!!  As the gift-giver, what more could I want?

Forget the place settings. A kantha blanket from vintagekanthaquilt is the perfect wedding gift. Not only is it unique and exquisite – no stainless steel here – it is totally memorable, and will be with the couple forever!

If you want to give a gift that will be useful, artful, lasting, and appreciated, this is it. They can snuggle in for winter movie nights, take it out for a picnic in summer, and use it every month between. It is so multi usage and at the same time perfect for anyone anywhere.

Shop now for Quilts, throws, or buy a Kantha Cushion Cover.

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