An Ultimate Guide To Vintage Kantha Quilts

Kantha (KAHN-taa) quilts are showing up everywhere in designer homes.

Perfect in their Imperfections, vintage Kantha quilts are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile. Craft women in Bangladesh and eastern states of India make these beautiful, delicate, patchwork quilts. The women stitch together the Kantha quilts using old saris and scraps of cloth and turn them into bright, colourful works of art.

They are part of the Ibu movement, pronounced ee-boo. The Ibu movement is promoting women around the globe grow into economic self-sufficiency through the art of their hands. In the Malay language of Indonesia, Ibu means a woman of respect.

The best aspect about such a vintage quilt are the little repair patches, their loose and uneven threads that add immense character to the quilt.

Entirely hand-stitched, these quilts are such a beautiful and delightful break from the mass produced machine made products of the day. They present a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour, completely transforming and glowing up any living space with their fantastic details and vigorous colours.

Quilts by are imported directly from the villages of Rajasthan. These villages border Pakistan and a number of our pieces are between 30-70 years, landing in India on camel-back from over the border in Pakistan. Some parts come from West Bengal on the east coast.

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 Kantha Patchwork Throws

Vintage Kantha patchwork quilts or throws are a bizarre kind of patchwork throw that originate in North Western India in the desert region between India and Pakistan. These throws represent the beautiful artistry of this region of creating stunning throws and quilts from scrap materials.

These vintage patchwork quilts were initially made in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s by older women in the village families in India to mark specific events – be it childbirth, a marriage in the family or a husband walking to faraway lands.

Women used the softest and most attractive parts of their old saris and other garments, cut them into arbitrary shapes and placed them in a way to create an exquisite masterpiece.

They used mostly saris but seldom other fabrics like material from blouses, men’s lungis to build several layers and the converse of the throws. Then they hand stitched all the layers collectively using thousands of tiny Kantha stitches. The Kantha stitches provided the throw with a beautiful ripple effect, creating a warm and unique cover for the family.

A typical patchwork throw took months to make, becoming an indeed prized possession of the family and being passed down as an heirloom.

These patchwork throws could age anywhere between 30  to 80 years. One can see their age in the softness of the fabric and the washed out colours. Some throws we obtain are literally disintegrating in places! Some damaged portions are repaired with interesting patches which add further to the character and uniqueness of the throws.

Though these throws were created decades ago, they look and feel as chic and stylish as any modern throw. Their vibrant colours are what truly grabs the eye.

The once bright colours might have faded over time, but they although retain the ability to add brightness and character to any living space they are kept in – be it over the edge of the bed, on a lazy sofa or even up on the wall in a home. They will continue you a lifetime and be something you would want to reach on to your next generation!

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Indian bedspreads

We have a selection of single, double and queen-size decorative Indian bedspreads to embellish your home or hotel boudoir. Our exclusive collection of fair-trade, vintage and contemporary Indian bedspreads that reflect the richness of Indian textiles will transform your interior into a majestic palace.

Transport yourself on an exotic voyage with our luxury handmade, colourful and embroidered Indian bedspreads; with mirror work, tapestry, pure cottons, soft velvet and delicate silk patterns and styles.

All fabrics have been handcrafted using time old techniques of hand-block printing, Batik, Jamawar and applique to make each piece a real art form.The range is so versatile; you can quickly update your living space completely the seasons and bring a warmth of to uplift the ambience of any setting.

Indian quilts

Sleep in style with beautiful vintage Indian quilts. At, we source all our ethical Indian quilts from the finest suppliers. Bringing a touch of charm to tailor design any space, we have a wide-range of colours to suit different schemes.

These timeless exotic Indian quilts can be used as bedcovers or throws as a feature for an abundance of glamour and vintage romance.

Pretty patchwork and printed pure cottons look gorgeous against antique wood or soft fabrics to refresh and revamp the vibe of master and guest bedrooms alike. Indian quilts are made from fabric with intricate or floral patterns, pieced together and then stitched all over with running hand stitch to make the most exquisite bedding, owing to their softness and comfort.

Indian quilts are perfect for dressing up bohemian chic bedrooms with neutral paint schemes for their high visual appeal and home design.

Handmade baby blankets

For the softest of care for your precious ones, we offer an intricate line of lovingly handmade baby blankets. Ideal for comforting your new-born, as a gift for a Christening or special occasion and designing children’s bedrooms, our unique handmade baby blankets can be kept as a family heirloom for years to come.

Bring extra cosiness to baby’s cots or beds for tots, with bright colours and lively patterns to stimulate your princess or prince as they explore, develop and learn about the world around them, or neutral pastel tones to soothe little ones to sleep. The fabrics are of the softest quality to gently wrap around tender skin.

Crafted using specialist methods, our materials are all fair-trade and their adorable and easy style brings peace to your nursery, girl’s room or boy’s room environment. beautiful handmade baby blankets can also be conveniently taken for travel outings or long trips, for a striking and embellished accessorised look to any stroller or carrycot.

These one of a kind blankets are perfect for endless possibilities of impressive nursery themes and practical travel solutions for parents.

Handmade cushions

Be inspired to adorn your home living with our assortment of sophisticated handmade cushions. Add a hint of colour to your home with lavish, hand-stitched vintage kantha pieces. offers a wide choice of handmade cushions including kilim, applique, brocade, cotton, sari and patchwork style all finished to the highest standard. While it may seem simple, colour coordination offers a range of possibilities for exciting improvements to complement almost any kind of home design, in the bedroom, office or reception areas, lounge, dining room or conservatory.

The upbeat colours and exquisite hand woven patterns bring flow and energy to tired beige sofas and a striking contrast to warmify bold coloured upholstery. Individuality in rooms can be as dramatic or subtle as you like with our handmade cushions, in fact choosing a coordinating palette of colours for your home canvas will help rooms flow together visually and feel more inviting.

Help balance monochromatic themes with a colourful twist on tradition, setting the mood of your home for an appealing aesthetic. Contrast of colours not only creates a feeling of elegance and luxury but can impact enormously on the perception of the size of rooms.

The sky is the limit with our handmade cushion couture collection so enjoy your playful pairing and personalised decor makeover.

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