Why Are People so fond of Vintage Kantha Quilts?

Why Are People so fond of Vintage Kantha Quilts?

Kantha quilts arise from Southern Asia and are manufactured from old saris, layered on top of each other and stitched together. They have beautiful and vibrant colours, byzantine patterns and an abundance of embroidered running stitches. Finding yourself in fond of Kantha blankets is obvious. If you’ve endured collecting a few quilts over the years, praises on your wise investment. Here are five places to incorporate them into your decor and helps you to get an idea about Why Are People so fond of Vintage Kantha Quilts? The tips here can work for other kinds of quilts as well.

1. This energetic and fascinating sleep space.

By far my personal choice to do with Kantha blankets is to layer them on top of one other as bedding, as their lightweight quality makes them perfect for the job. Just like layering your outfits, this procedure adds solid warmth, but also an informal style that looks like you haven’t tried too hard.

Let’s take an example of this bedroom; the fusion of bright embroidery attracts the focus to the room, the nap space, but also the cherished light coming from the window.

2. This understated and elegant sleep area.

Most Kantha quilts are double-sided, so they’re excellent for including an on-the-spot mixing and matching of designs to add excitement to a dull bedroom scheme. To design this look, use a crisp white bedcover and layer your Kantha quilts over the head (turn down the top of your blankets for a peek at the pattern below). Make sure you stagger them so that one throw rests higher than the other —this way both blankets are on display. Find accessories like magazines, plates or cushions that echo some of the colours in the quilt to tie the look collectively; in this case, there are red and blue accessories.

3. These winter warmers.

Seeing for a lap throw or something to take the turn off the cold when dining outdoors? Lightweight and well sized, Kantha throws are perfect for popping on your lap. Wrapped over the back of chairs, they can be accessed with comfort.

4. These cushions.

When purchasing for Kantha blankets, it is seldom difficult to decide which one or two that you should purchase. Keep in mind that they can be reformed into pillows, which means you can take benefit of all the shades and designs available.

5. This wall hanging.

Each Kantha blanket is like a unique piece of art and is worthy of to be treated as such. Drape your Kanthas on the wall, and all will fall for them.

And Hey knock knock! One bonus point of using your Kantha throw as wall hanging is that you can turn it over to show the embroidery on the reverse side whenever you’re willing to change.

Tip: To drape your Kantha throw, wrap over the upper end nearly an inch and sew it into place (either by hand or sewing machine). This will form a way where you can insert a curtain stick or something alike. You can also attach string or decoration ribbon to this stick to hang it on the wall or place the rod between two hooks or braces on the wall.

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