Usage of Vintage Kantha Quilts

Kantha Quilts

Ideal in their Imperfections, Vintage Kantha throws are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile. Inspired with the history and contentment of their rich heritage, these amazingly creative and vividly coloured quilts are built by sewing together layers of old saris collectively. Kantha throws or quilts provide a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour, fully remodeling and intensifying up any living space with their incredible details and vibrant colours.

Where they’re from:

Vintage Kantha quilts are a product of women’s art and were designed ages ago by some brilliant women. Poor women in the rural area of West Bengal in India required throws for their toddlers, so took the softest portions of their well-worn cotton saris and pieced them synchronically with an all-over running stitch. This unique stitch evolved to be recognized as Kantha. The best features about such vintage blankets are the small repair patches, their loose and uneven threads that add immense character to the quilt. Entirely hand-stitched, these duvets are such a pleasant and unusual break from the machine made quilts. Vintage Kantha throws can brighten up your living space with their vibrant colours. Let’s have a look at some ways how you can use Kantha quilts in your Home.

1. Drape Beautifully Across Sofas

You can drape a Kantha quilt over the arm of your couch to add pattern and colour to your lounge. Also, this guarantees that on movie nights you have a sheath ready to fold up with. You can even tuck these vintage blankets throughout your couch cushions to give them modernized upholstery.

2. Use them as Top-Shelf Tablecloth

Kantha adornment is attractive, and they are fragile enough to make sure that glasses and plates won’t jiggle. You can use these throws as a tablecloth and spread it over your entire table, or you can wrap it and use it as a table runner that appears to be noted under platters. If you are planning to go on a picnic, then Kanthas make energetic, fun picnic throws.

3. They’re perfect Cushion/Pillow Covers

Kanthas can serve as the ideal cushion or pillow covers because of their pop prints and vibrant colours. You can buy pillows already clad in Kantha fabric, or take a quilt to your local tailor and have it stitched into headrests. Land some pillows on the floor with an oversized cushion, and you have designed a boho sitting area that is ideal to de-stress in.

4. Dress Up Accent Pieces

You can find benches and pieces of furniture that are already upholstered in Kantha fabric. Still, if you favor the do it yourself approach then you can stitch your slipcover. You can also just wrap Kantha quilts over pieces to make them stand out. Shop now for Quilts, throws, or buy a Kantha Cushion Cover.  

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